#Lockdown: Cable Operators Will Remove Channel Packs If Users Are Not Paying Monthly Fees

#Lockdown: Cable Operators Will Remove Channel Packs If Users Are Not Paying Monthly Fees

#Lockdown: Cable Operators Will Remove Channel Packs If Users Are Not Paying Monthly Fees

The  Cable TV Operators complained that their customers are not crediting the payments since the lockdown period!

Maharashtra Cable Operators Federations (MCOF) have directed all the Cable TV operators that if they don’t receive the payment they are allowed  to downgrade their customers pay pack to free to air (FTA) pack.

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80% Customers Not Paying the Cable TV Operators Amidst the Lockdown!

The Cable TV Operators are ensuring smooth provision of services by taking the default payments to digital mode. According to the reports, nearly 80% of payments have not been credited in cable operators accounts which is creating hassle in their business operations. 

The Cable Associations have also appealed to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) and Multiple-System Operators (MSO) to issue credit facilities to cable operators who are facing trouble collecting payments.

MCOF also stated that if the cable operators do not receive the payments, they will not be able to pay it further to their respective MSOs. The Cable associations have suggested the operators reach out to their customers and urge them to complete their payment through digital modes like UPI payment, Bank Transfer, Credit and Debit Cards. 

FTA Channels Available Even if You Don’t Recharge the Cable Connection or Set-Top-Box!

The All India Digital Cable Federation (AIDCF) have pointed out  that even if the Set-Top_Boxes (STBs) are not renewed in April, 2020, subscribers will still enjoy all the free channels of Door Darshan. 

Even though Door Darshan comes under FTA, the channels are offering all the old classics like shows like Ramayana, Mahabharata Shaktiman, making it India’s most viewed TV Channel. It also broadcasts all the current news to keep the subscribers updated about the threat of COVID-19. This news is first published by Indian Television.

No New Shows Being Broadcasted on Channels!

As the nation went into a 21-day lockdown, the filming of TV shows has also come to a halt. All the pay broadcasters are showing repeated telecast of the popular shows as no new shows are being filmed and produced. 

Meanwhile the maximum viewership is coming in from news and movie channels which are included in the FTA pack. So even if the customers are downgraded to FTA pack, they will still be able to enjoy news channels and some of the old classics on DD channels. 

Though everyone is basically glued to the TV amidst the lockdown can the Cable TV Operators experience loss in business?

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