New Xiaomi Camera UI Coming: New Options, Professional Features And Interesting Additions You Must Know

New camera UI is coming for Xiaomi phones including Redmi devices. Xiaomi is all set to bring a new refreshing interface for it’s camera which will now include different options to choose from with interesting features to explore.

New Xiaomi Camera UI Coming: New Options, Professional Features And Interesting Additions You Must Know

The company has been experimenting with different camera sensors lately.

Xiaomi has been frontrunner when it comes to using different camera sensors. From different 48MP sensors to the first 64MP and 108MP camera sensors, Xiaomi has used them all in different smartphones.

Now, the new UI will let you experiment with different features using these top-end sensors.

New Xiaomi Camera UI: What’s Getting Better?

Xiaomi product director from the camera department teased two new modes of the upcoming camera UI. The new camera interface is in the development phase, and the Xiaomi camera UI will be getting a complete makeover.

The Xiaomi camera UI already offers a ton of features to choose from. There’s options for short videos, slo-mo, dedicated 48MP/64MP modes, night and more.

The Camera UI for Xiaomi smartphones will also be available on Redmi and Poco devices.

As shared by the company director, there will be two options available under the new camera UI. It will include sliding gestures where you can swipe to left or right for different modes and functions.

New Xiaomi Camera UI Options: Choose What You Like!

As posted on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo, Lei Jun, the company CEO reposted the original post. So it’s credible, and yes the new Xiaomi Camera UI is coming. Most probably, the latest camera interface will be available with MIUI 12.

Xiaomi is also taking feedback on which option seems best and what fans want.

Option 1: The first option under the new Camera UI is a slide out function. It’s available under the “More” function and can be activated with a gesture. It allows you to add panels of your choice at any time.


It has different functions and options to choose from with multiple modes to try.

Option 2: The second option has been added as a tab under “More” in the new UI. So, all you need to do is tap and you get the features on you screen to choose from.


Also: Xiaomi Working On World’s First 192MP Camera Phone

A recently leaked Weibo post revealed that a phone with a 192 MP camera is in development under Xiaomi, and it could be coming as early as next month. The recent camera war has been mainly between the 32MP, 48MP and 64MP camera sensors.

The 108MP sensor has been setting up the tone as well, and we will get to see a number of 108MP camera phones in 2020.

Both Samsung and Xiaomi brought flagships with 108MP cameras, and Realme is said to be bringing their next with the same 108MP sensor, the Realme X3.

Samsung and Xiaomi both have used the high-resolution camera sensors for multiple smartphones. Particularly Xiaomi has been a frontrunner when it comes to using top-end high-resolution camera sensors. From 48MP to 64MP to 108MP camera sensors, Xiaomi has used them all.

While Xiaomi stays in the line, Samsung may challenge Xiaomi with a new flagship with some top-end camera sensors next month.

The 192MP camera smartphone is set to be available next month as well.

The 192MP camera phone may come with the still-new Qualcomm mid-range 5G chip, the Snapdragon 765. The Snapdragon 765 supports 192MP cameras, but this could also mean a combination of cameras to add up to 192MP resolution. 

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