#Coronavirus: Delhi Shuts Down All Offices, 100% Salary For Private Sector Employees Ordered

#Coronavirus: Delhi Shuts Down All Offices, 100% Salary For Private Sector Employees Ordered
#Coronavirus: Delhi Shuts Down All Offices, 100% Salary For Private Sector Employees Ordered

To counter the rapid spread of novel coronavirus, Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal today announced a slew of measures with a complete lockdown from 6 am tomorrow till midnight of March 31.

What Does The Announcement Say?

According to the announcement, no public transport services including private buses, autos, e-rickshaws will be allowed during the lockdown period in Delhi. 

Further, over 25% of the DTC bus fleet will continue to ply on roads of Delhi to carry people involved in essential services, added Kejriwal.

Apart from that, the Govt of NCT of Delhi notified a lockdown in the whole of territorial jurisdiction of NCT of Delhi from 0600 hrs on Monday, 23 March to midnight of Tuesday, 31 March, stipulating the following restrictions.

  1. The public transport services shall not be permitted that include private buses, taxis, autos. Also, only DTC buses shall operate at not more than 25% capacity to cater to persons engaged in essential services.
  2. All shops, factories, offices, commercial establishments shall stop their operations.
  3. Further, the motorable and unmotorable borders of NCT of Delhi with the neighboring states of Haryana and UP shall be sealed.
  4. The movement of interstate buses/trains/DMRC shall be suspended.
  5. Also, all domestic/international flights arriving to Delhi during this period shall be suspended.
  6. All religious places will remain close.

Which Services Will Remain Operational?

The following services are excluded from the purview of this order and shall continue to function normally.

Also, the services/ establishments that are permitted to function shall strictly follow the guidelines and protocols related to social distancing.

  1. Police, health, fire, prisons, electricity, offices charged with law and order and magisterial duties, fair price shops, water, municipal services, Activities related to the function of Delhi legislature, Pay and Accounts office, Print and Electronic Media, Telecom, Internet and Postal Services, e-commerce of all goods including food, pharma products and medical equipment, milk pants, general provision store, chemists and pharmacies, animal fodder, petrol pumps and any other essential establishment that may be exempted by the government.
  2. Also, the people who come out to provide essential services shall be allowed on self- declaration.
  3. Any congregation of more than 5 persons is strictly punishable according to the law.
  4. Also, any person found violating this order shall be punished as per the relevant provisions under the law.

What Does The Chief Minister Say?

According to the Chief Minister, there are 27 cases in Delhi – 6 of them fall under the category of transmission, 21 have come from foreign countries.

In a statement, DMRC said, “As per the latest decision in the fight against coronavirus, it has been decided that metro services will remain completely closed till March 31, 2020,”.

Further, offering clarification on private offices, he said “All private offices will remain closed but the employees – both permanent & contractual – will be considered to be on-duty. The companies will have to provide them the salary for this duration,”.

“During the lockdown in Delhi, no document or proof will be sought from a person if they say that they are out on streets to provide or avail any essential service,” he said while explaining the ramification of such a move.

So far, the number of coronavirus cases rose to 341 on Sunday Prime Minister’s Office advised states to issue appropriate orders to allow only essential services to operate in the 75 districts which have reported confirmed cases or casualties relating to COVID-19.

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