#Coronavirus: RBI Warns Rs 2000, Rs 500, Rs 200, Rs 100 & Other Notes Can Spread Virus; What’s The Alternative Then?

#Coronavirus: RBI Warns Rs 2000, Rs 500, Rs 200, Rs 100 & Other Notes Can Spread Virus; What's The Alternative Then?
Coronavirus: RBI Warns Rs 2000, Rs 500, Rs 200, Rs 100 & Other Notes Can Spread Virus; What’s The Alternative Then?

Coronavirus has spread in the world left, right and centre, and even with the level of extreme measures being put in place, curbing the disease has proven to be highly difficult. As if that wasn’t enough, a study has now shown that the Coronavirus disease may also spread through currency notes as well. 

However, the Reserve Bank of India has suggested an alternative to contain the virus from spreading through the currency notes.

Read on to find out!

Coronavirus Can Spread Through Currency Notes: SBI Research Report

SBI’s study has shown that the spreading of the Coronavirus is possible through the exchange of currency notes, be it Rs 2000, Rs 500, Rs 200 or any other. To prevent such spreading of Coronavirus through currency notes, SBI has proposed the government to see if polymer currency notes usage is possible. At the time, however, an absolute ban of cash  is not possible in India, and digital payment should be made priority and used by the public.

Countries like Australia, UK and Canada are already using polymer currency notes in placeof the paper currency notes. 

The SBI Research has stated in its Ecowrap issue, “Even if due precautions are taken, yet avoidance of cash usage cannot be avoided and as such it becomes one of the most easy carrier for spreading any virus. Therefore, immediate steps should be taken to check spreading of any virus through currency notes. Countries like UK, Australia and Canada have switched to polymer notes to reduce the risk of spreading infections through currency. Therefore, the possibilities of usage of polymer notes in India should also be examined.”

Currency Notes Can Carry Micro-organisms That Spread Coronavirus; Online Payments Promoted

Multiple research reports have been shown which say that the connection of currency notes and microorganisms that might boost the spreading of the virus.a report by Confederation Of All India Traders (CAIT) has also noted tgat currency notes can carry microorganisms that can cause diseases and infections. 

The report states, “Experts have warned that several diseases, including urinary and respiratory tract infections, skin infections and recurrent meningitis, are being transmitted through currency notes. They can also contribute to causing septicaemia and toxic shock syndrome.”

Online modes of payment are being promoted by the RBI as much as possible to try and limit the spread of the Covid-19.

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