Realme X3 Pro Beats OnePlus 7T, Redmi K20 Pro? Realme Snapdragon 865 Phone Gets Highest AnTuTu Score

Realme Snapdragon 865 phone has been spotted. It has scored the highest ever AnTuTu score beating the top flagships in the market as OnePlus 7T, Redmi K20 Pro and even its own Realme X2 Pro. 

Realme X3 Pro Beats OnePlus 7T, Redmi K20 Pro? Realme Snapdragon 865 Phone Gets Highest AnTuTu Score

While it is yet to be confirmed, some suggest it to be Realme X3 Pro, while many hint at Realme X50 Pro.

The company launched the first ever 5G phone earlier this month, the affordable 5G mid-range device, Realme X50.

Set to launch soon, the Realme Snapdragon 865 phone will be the company’s next entry premium flagship. The Realme Snapdragon 865 phone could possibly be Realme X50 Pro, an addition to the Realme 5G phone series.

Realme Snapdragon 865 Phone Highest AnTuTu Score: Fastest Smartphone In The World

The Realme Snapdragon 865 smartphone was seen on AnTuTu, a popular benchmarking website. Likely to succeed either Realme X50 or Realme X2 Pro, the upcoming Realme flagship will be powered by the current best flagship processor in the market, Snapdragon 865 SoC.

The Realme Snapdragon 865 smartphone has scored 574,985 average points on AnTuTu, the highest for any smartphone till now.

It makes the Realme Snapdragon 865 smartphone the fastest smartphone in the world, as far as the benchmark scores are concerned.

Realme confirmed to be launching a smartphone running on Snapdragon 865 at the Qualcomm Summit itself last month. It’s the first Realme phone to be powered by Snapdragon 865, and it will be priced in the entry-premium flagship category.

Realme Snapdragon 865 Phone: Realme X3 Pro Or Realme X50 Pro?

Well it’s pretty sure that Realme will launch a new flagship, a smartphone running on the latest Snapdragon 865 SoC, but the name of the device is yet to be confirmed. Many suggest Realme X50, while some hint at it being the X2 Pro successor, the Realme 3 Pro.

The Realme Snapdragon 865 smartphone will feature a punch-hole display up front.

The Realme Snapdragon 865 smartphone could either be Realme X3 Pro or Realme X50 Pro. 

For now, it’s expected to be an upgraded version of the recently launched Realme X50, and naturally it will succeed the current top flagship from their line-up, the Realme X2 Pro.

Realme Snapdragon 865 phone may launch at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February. The company has earlier hinted at launching a smartphone at the MWC, and it could be the Realme X50 Pro, the Realme Snapdragon 865 smartphone.

Snapdragon 865 vs Snapdragon 855 Plus: Realme X2 Pro Successor!

An upgrade over the current best Snapdragon 855 Plus platform, the all new Snapdragon 865 packs in a slew of latest features offering the best of the features you can experience on a smartphone. Snapdragon 865 has better 5G speeds, improved gaming performance, enhanced photo and video quality and user experience.

Snapdragon 865 is packed by Kryo 585 CPU, Adreno 650 GPU, Spectra 480 ISP, Hexagon 698 processor and a sensing hub.

The new CPU can run up to 2.84GHz to 20 percent faster graphics rendering than the predecessor with 35 percent increase in the power efficiency for intense tasks and support up to 144Hz refresh rate.

The Qualcomm Spectra 480 Image Signal Processor can boost up megapixel count to as high as 200MP on Snapdragon 865 with ability to shoot videos in 8K.

Snapdragon 865 will offer faster download speeds up to 7.5Gbps with the Snapdragon X55 5G modem able to peak download speeds with mmWave and sub-6 standards employing Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, a technology which combines 5G and 4G spectrum to offer the best throughput.

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