FASTag Scam Is Here: This Is How Rs 50,000 Was Robbed From FASTag User In Bengaluru (Never Do This!)

FASTag Scam Is Here: This Is How Rs 50,000 Was Robbed From FASTag User In Bengaluru (Never Do This!)
FASTag Scam Is Here: This Is How Rs 50,000 Was Robbed From FASTag User In Bengaluru (Never Do This!)

A we all know how popular FASTag became and is being incorporated as a mode of electronic toll collection across the country. 

But, with an increase in popularity, the chances of online frauds surrounding FASTag is also evolving. 

That is exactly how a man got duped on the pretext of getting help for FASTag. Read on to know what happened.

How Did This Fastag Fraud Happen?

As per the reports, the Fraudsters have found a new way to cheat citizens with the launch of FASTag in the country. 

With this newfound way, the scamsters are trying to siphon money from the bank accounts of gullible citizens through UPI on the pretext of helping people to register and get their FASTag working. 

Officially, the first incident of this scam was reported recently when a man from Bengaluru lost Rs 50,000 to scamsters. 

He informed that he got a fake call from a so-called customer executive of Axis Bank who had sent him an online form to fill in to get his FASTag wallet running after he complained that the wallet was not working.

How Did The Scamsters Shiphoned 50K From His Account?

According to the report, the Bengaluru-based man’s FASTag wallet was working, following which he received a call from the ‘fake’ Axis bank customer care executive. 

This was the fake customer care executive who sent the man an online form (via a link stating ‘Axis Bank- FASTag) so that his wallet starts to work again.

Moreover, the scamster befooled the Bengaluru man into filling up the form and getting access to his UPI PIN. 

Afterworld, he was told by the help desk that an OTP will be sent to him and was asked to send the OTP to another number, which the man did. 

In response, the fake called siphoned Rs. 50,000 from the victim’s account.

How To Prevent FATag Fraud?

As cybercriminals have started using FASTag as a tool of online scams and trying to phish innocent people, oo avoid falling prey to such phishing scams, it should be noted that DO NOT share your debit/credit card or UPI PIN with anyone, even if they pretend to be someone from the bank.

Also, there is a need to spread awareness about the newly launched Fastag.

People who don’t know, the RFID-based FASTag is available either via the MyFASTag app or through various banks such as Axis Bank, SBI, HDFC, ICICI Bank and more. 

It is also available via Paytm or Amazon India, but they are definitely not available over phone calls.

Authorities also advised that you avoid such calls in the future and even report them if you receive some.

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