3 Qualcomm Processors Has ISRO’s Navic GPS For Android; Realme, Redmi Will Use Make In India GPS!

These 3 Qualcomm Processors Has ISRO's Navic GPS For Android Phones; Realme, Redmi Will Use Make In India GPS Now
These 3 Qualcomm Processors Has ISRO’s Navic GPS For Android Phones; Realme, Redmi Will Use Make In India GPS Now

Qualcomm, America’s leading multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company, has launched three new chipsets that will support the Indian made GPS system, NavIC.

It was a proud moment for us Indians when the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) announced that the American GPS system will be replaced by the Indian locating system, the Navigation with Indian Constellation, (NavIC). 

Recently, Xiaomi also announced that they will be building phones that will be in compliance with the technology.

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Qualcomm Launches Three Chipsets That Support Make In India GPS NavIC by ISRO

Qualcomm has greatly boosted the Make in India movement by launching the Snapdragon 720G, 662 and 460 that will employ the Indian GPS system in the smartphones that come with it.

Qualcomm’s chipsets are the first system-on-chip solutions that will support NavIC and will support  WiFi 6 and faster 4G internet connectivity.

There will also be a Bluetooth 5.1 integrated with advanced audio through Qualcomm FastConnect 6-series subsystems and support Dual-Frequency (L1 and L5) GNSS. This will help the accuracy of positioning of location and the sturdiness as well.

These chipsets will be introduced in entry and mid-level smartphones.

Make In India GPS Will Power Realme, Redmi Phones

Dr K Sivan, chairman, ISRO said in a press statement that ISRO is happy with the attempts that Qualcomm has made for incorporating NavIC, and has also asked other OEMs to introduce NavIC in their future handsets. 

He said, “The availability of NavIC across multiple mobile platforms will help enhance the geolocation capabilities of smartphones in the region and bring the benefits of this indigenous solution to Indian consumers for their day-to-day use.”

Xiaomi and Realme have already announced that they will be launching smartphones that will support the NavIC.

While the American GPS is popular, there do exist multiple other positioning systems developed by other countries, such as USA’s GPS (global positioning system), European Union’s Galileo, Russia’s GLONASS and China’s BeiDou Navigation Satellite System. Similarly, NavIC, named after Indian fishermen and navigators, is the Indian counterpart. The newly launched Qualcomm chipsets will support all the other systems too.

Here’s what the Qualcomm chipsets will do – when people will use their smartphones to travel from one place to another in India, the phone will turn to the constellation of seven NavIC satellites. These satellites will then send radio signals to each other and then to the receiver. This will enable people to find out the location and time at any point.

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