Samsung Rollable Phone, A Display Which Rolls And Expands: All Details Here

Get ready for Samsung Rollable Phone, a smartphone with a rolling display. After a folding smartphone, Samsung is all set to unveil a successor to Galaxy Fold, a next-gen smartphone with an expanding display.

Samsung Rollable Phone, A Display Which Rolls And Expands: All Details Here (img:PhoneFoldable)

There has been reports about Galaxy Fold 2, and the third smartphone in the series is said to feature a rolling display.

Said to have been showcased privately at the CES in Las Vegas, Samsung reportedly has a concept phone ready which comes with a rollable expanding display. 

Samsung’s South Korean counterpart LG is already working on a similar rolling display smartphone. Sony previously mentioned to be working on a similar technology.

Samsung Rollable Phone, Samsung Rollable Smartphone

After folding displays, soon we will have rollable displays offering expanding panels on smartphones. Both Samsung and LG are working on the same technology, and Samsung seemed to have a concept device ready.

Samsung was even able to win the folding displays game with a much wider commercial release.

The folding display smartphone market remains niche, but having the first mover advantage always helps in the long-term.

While the company is yet to take the Samsung Rollable phone public, only a few are aware or it, and the prototype was only shared with a handful of people.

No proper details are available as of now, but you can very well guess how the technology will work. As the folding display folded, the rollable phone will have the display expand.

Samsung Rollable Phone: How The Rolling Technology Works? 

The rollable display will come with the same material used for the original Galaxy Fold. So, the Samsung Rollable Phone will feature a plastic screen similar to the Galaxy Fold. It will have a specific length, which will expand.

According to the prototype, pressing a button will make the display to expand.

It has an expanding button on the side of the chassis, and it will make the standard 6-inch display unroll to a larger 8-inch screen.

Similarly, when you press the button again, rollable display will shrink. So, the Samsung smartphone will be able to expand and shrink whenever you want, without the need for extra space.

The Samsung Rollable phone will be able to shrink back down to the original size and expand accordingly. While no exact information is available as of now, we need to wait for further details.

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