Internet Shutdown? 5 Messaging Apps Which Can Work Even Without Internet

Internet Shutdown? 5 Messaging Apps Which Can Work Even Without Internet
Internet Shutdown? 5 Messaging Apps Which Can Work Even Without Internet

Here is something to ponder over: India accounted for 67% of all Internet shutdowns which happened last year across the world. No wonder that India is right now the Internet Shutdown Capital Of The World.

As per India Today Data Intelligence Unit, India witnessed massive 350 Intenet Shutdowns since 2014, and even as we write this, Internet is off in several parts of India due to protests against CAB and NRC.

In case you are stuck somewhere with Internet shutdown, and unable to reach your friends and family, then here are 5 messaging apps, which can work even without Internet:



This is a messaging app which does not require any internet or data. It also provides an open wireless service that functions on Bluetooth and Wi-fi hotspot.

In addition to that, FireChat also supports texts and images.


Signal is another messaging app which you can use to communicate with people even in the absence of the internet. Moreover, this app is available at no cost at all. It has multiple features such as voice calls, video calls, sending text messages and multimedia messages with internet and SMSes offline for free. 

What’s even more interesting is that the app also comes with a feature that enables users to send disappearing messages also. This is a feature that Whatsapp is still working on, which allows you to send messages that can be deleted after a pre-specified period. 


Manyverse is another social networking app that is not dependent on the cloud and is available free of cost. This is a different app than the rest, by which we mean that the app is not connected to the company’s online cloud system or any other cloud system as well. The data of the users will be stored in the phones of the users and it can be accessed anywhere and at any time. 

This app comes with features that are found in many apps of today, such as posts, threads, likes, profiles, etc. 


Briar is another app that is popular for its reliability and robust systems. This app is able to function on Wi-fi and/or Bluetooth as well. Apparently, this app is quite popular among activists and journalists as well. 

Briar, similar to Manyverse, is independent of a central server and is able to sync the messages between the smartphones. It also takes care of direct and encrypted connections between the devices, thus ensuring the privacy of the users. 


Txti is an innovative app that has multiple functions. It can show you webpages even if the speed of the internet is slow. It also enables users to gather information at a single point which can be accessed at a later point where there is no ease of internet access. Through Txti, you can also share links directly to Twitter.

Txti will create a custom URL and an Edit code. This code enables you to modify the information on a webpage and your data will not be lost ever. 


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