Amazon Prime Is Brutally Censoring Content For Indians; Entire Episode Removed From This Series (But Why?)

Amazon Prime Is Brutally Censoring Content For Indians; Here Is The Reason Why?
Amazon Prime Is Brutally Censoring Content For Indians; Here Is The Reason Why?

It has been found and proved that Amazon Prime is censoring content for Indians, and the executive is brutal.

Entire episode has been deleted, when it comes to streaming of a popular show, called Madam Secretary.

What is the reason here?

Amazon Is Censoring Content In India: The Proof

As per investigations by First Post, and then confirmed by NDTV, Amazon Prime has been caught censoring their content, which is streamed in India.

The case in point here is a popular series called Madam Secretary.

The Season 5 of this series debuted in India, but users were shocked to find that the episode #1: “E Pluribus Unum”is entirely missing from their Amazon Prime account.

Infact, when a viewer attempts to open Season 5, then directly they are taken to Episode #1.

Entire episode censored by Amazon Prime
Entire episode censored by Amazon Prime

We checked this censoring via our own Amazon Prime account, and found the same: Episode #1 for Season 5 is ‘unavailable’ in India.

Madam Secretary has received some rave reviews from critics, for showing the real turnmoil and struggle, and cunning tactics of politicians, and Indian viewers are actually disappointed with this censorship.

What Is The Reason For Censoring Content?

As per NDTV report, this particular episode of Madam Secretary’s Season 5 deals with some sensitive issues, related with Hindus, Muslims, and Kashmir.

We haven’t watched this episode yet, but this report states that the CBS-produced series showcased how minorities are targeted by Hindus, and how a deep poitical crisis is brewing up, based on religion and faith.

Besides, in one of the dialogues, the term “India-occupied Kashmir” has been mentioned, which further fuelled the censorship action.

Both Amazon Prime, which is streaming this series, and CBS, which has produced this series hasn’t responded or reacted.

Earlier, we had feared that due to some controversial series like Leila and Sacred Games on Netflix, Govt. can censor and regulate OTT content.

However, recently, Govt officials hinted that they will not impose censorship on digital streaming apps, but will support self-censorship.

Is this self-censorship by Amazon Prime a result of this?

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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