Realme’s 1st 5G Phone Will Be Realme X50; Teased With Dual Punch Hole Display, Another 1st From Realme!

Realme's 1st 5G Phone Will Be Realme X50; Teased With Dual Punch Hole Display, Another 1st From Realme!
Realme’s 1st 5G Phone Will Be Realme X50; Teased With Dual Punch Hole Display, Another 1st From Realme!

Recently Realme confirmed that their 5G device is already in the making, and it will launch in India next year. Now the company has officially announced the 5G Realme smartphone, and it’s going to be called Realme X50.

The Realme 5G phone aka Realme X50 will support dual-mode NSA and SA 5G network.

Even the the upcoming Xiaomi flagship Redmi K30 also has been confirmed to support dual-mode 5G. Again, as Redmi K30, the upcoming Realme X50 will sport a punch-hole display in a pill-shaped hole upfront housing two selfie cameras.


Realme X50 Launch, Realme 5G Phone In India

Realme CMO Xu Qi Chase has confirmed the name of the upcoming Realme 5G mobile in a Weibo post. The company has been working on the device for sometime now, and Realme X50 will be the company’s first 5G phone.

The Realme 5G phone will support both 5G Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) networks.

As any other 5G device in the market available right now, the Realme X50 will support dual-mode 5G connectivity.

Coming to Realme X50 India launch, it will happen next year. India is yet to get 5G, and hence the Realme 5G phone India launch will depend upon the availability of 5G in the country. The device will definitely come, but the timeline depends on the 5G rollout. 

Realme 5G Mobile: Realme X50 To Run On Snapdragon 865?

The processor is going to play a major role in here for the upcoming Realme 5G smartphone. Only 5G enabled chips receive 5G connectivity, and hence most probably Snapdragon 865 will power the upcoming Realme X50.

The company is yet to confirm Realme X50 will run on a MediaTek chip or a Qualcomm chip to offer 5G connectivity.

Recently Realme confirmed that they are planning to bring in affordable 5G enabled smartphones. The cheaper Realme 5G phones will be powered by Qualcomm’s 5G-ready Snapdragon 700-series processors, letting most users enjoy the latest connectivity.

Qualcomm is said to be working on a special affordable 5G 700-series chip, Snapdragon 735. It will be the first non-flagship Qualcomm chip to come with 5G support. The Redmi K30 5G is expected to debut with the same chip in December.

Realme X50 In India, Realme 5G Price In India: Realme X50 India Price?

Just as other Realme smartphones, the upcoming Realme 5G phone will also come at an aggressive pricing. We don’t know anything about the device yet, and it’s too early to comment about the pricing, but it will most probably cost under 30,000 INR (if converted).

Realme X50 will definitely come to India, and the company’s CEO has officially clarified it on a number of occasions.

The launch will depend on the rollout of 5G services in the country, and it seems likely to happen by mid-2020. There has been repeated delays, while the telecom sector continues to bleed as almost all companies are reporting humongous losses.

5G In India: When Will 5G Services Be Available In India?

India was supposed to get the first set of 5G network in 2017, and it has been delayed for a number of times since then. There’s no date on 5G spectrum auction as well. Given the status of the telecom industry, it will take more time.

Vodafone Idea reported a record loss of Rs 50,921 crores quarterly, while Bharti Airtel posted a loss of Rs 23,044 crores.

The industry is bleeding, and Jio’s the only operator having the advantage here, and probably Reliance will be the first to launch the 5G services in India in 2020.

While many smartphone manufacturers have already launched multiple 5G smartphones in various markets, India is yet to get its first 5G device.

5G in India is expected by the end of 2020. The 5G spectrum auction is also expected very soon as companies are already ready with 5G supported equipments and technology. The 5G services should be rolling out sooner than expected.

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