Airtel, Jio, Vodafone Can Hike Voice Call Rate By 67%, Data By 20%: 5 Things You Should Know

Airtel, Jio, Vodafone Can Hike Voice Call Rate By 67%, Data By 20%: 5 Things You Should Know
Airtel, Jio, Vodafone Can Hike Voice Call Rate By 67%, Data By 20%: 5 Things You Should Know

This week, we reported the inevitable news: Jio, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea and even BSNL, every telecom provider in India have agreed to raise their tariff in the coming days.

In an unprecedented move, these three telcos haven’t revealed as to how much the data tariff will be increased, and the exact dates, but yes, they all have agreed to the same.

Now, as per a rough calculation based on insider reports, Business Today has reported that consumers will now need to pay 67% more for voice calls, and upto 20% more for data usage.

Here are the 5 things you need to know:

Voice Calls Will Be Expensive By 67%

As of now, IUC or Interconnect Charges are levied at 6 paisa per minute of call. This, as per analysts, is not feasible under current circumstances.

In fact, the cost of completing a call on any network is much more than 6 paisa per minute, and this is indeed alarming.

Now, as per some analysts, the IUC will be hiked to 10 paisa, per minute, which is 67% more than the current IUC charges.

If this happens, then the voice calls will become 67% expensive.

Data Will Be 20% Expensive

And now, the big change: Data charges for all users, can be increased by 20%. 

RIght now, per GB cost is anywhere between Rs 2.3 to Rs 6, under various bundled plans. This used to be Rs 200-250 per GB before Jio came in.

Soon, the minimum amount of data charge, per GB will become Rs 3, if we believe the analysis in the Business Today report.

The question is, will this impact the conversion of 2G users into 3G/4G users?

Indian telecom is all set to disrupt again.

Minimum Recharge Plan Will Increase As Well

Minimum recharge plan, which is the plan needed to keep a mobile connection active, will also increase. While Airtel charges Rs 23 as minimum recharge plan for 28 days, Vodafone charges Rs 24, and Jio charges Rs 59 for 28 days.

It is being speculated that Airtel and Vodafone may hike the charges to keep it at the Jio’s level. 

This will impose more expenses for the average mobile user.

Another big disruption.

How Much Will Jio Increase The Tariff?

The cheap voice calls, data charges become cheap because of Jio’s entry into the telecom sector, in 2016.

Now, all eyes are set on Jio’s response to the current scenario: In case Jio raises their voice charges by 67% (due to increase in IUC), and data by 20%, then AIrtel and Vodafone too will join the bandwagon, and every mobile user will have to pay for it.

However, in case Jio decides not to increase the charges, then there is still some hope.

But how long will it last, no one knows.

Price Hike Will Be Justified In Two Phases

There is another angle to it: As per the reports, the price hike for mobile users will be done in two phases. In the 1st phase, telecom operators will increase the charges from their own end, and in the second phase, TRAI will impose a minimum threshold for the mobile data and voice call rates, which will be ‘executed’ by the telecom operators.

Hence, the price hike will be justified to the end user, by stating that that its a Govt mandated rates.

Smart move that will be.

No confirmation has arrived yet, about these speculations.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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