20 Lakh Traders Across 500 Cities Will Unleash Massive Protest Against Flipkart/Amazon For 60 Days

20 Lakh Traders Across 500 Cities Will Unleash Massive Protest Against Flipkart/Amazon For 60 Days
20 Lakh Traders Across 500 Cities Will Unleash Massive Protest Against Flipkart/Amazon For 60 Days

Not one to suffer injustice, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has declared that there will be a nationwide agitation against the major e-commerce platforms in India, viz., Amazon India and Flipkart. 

Moreover, the organization has also asked farmers, hawkers, small industries and self entrepreneurs all around India to participate in the movement.

It has been more than a year since the CAIT has been battling against the e-commerce giants for offering customers deep discounts and violating the FDI policy. 

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CAIT At War With E-Commerce Giants; Announces Nationwide Agitation For Two Months

The confederation had previously expressed its distress about the eCommerce platforms offering unreasonably deep discounts to its customers. CAIT has said that the purpose of this agitation will be to guard the retail trade of India from the injustice that Flipkart and Amazon inflict. The body said that the eCommerce platform implements malpractices will be extremely fatal for the retail trade of India.”

This agitation will begin from November 13, and will continue till January 10, 2020. On November 20, a ‘National Protest Day’ will be observed, and a dharna will be held in more than 500 cities. As per CAIT, around 5 lakh traders are expected to be a part of the protest. 

Praveen Khandelwal, general secretary of CAIT said, “When the traders of the Country are penalised even for a slight mistake and immediate action is taken against them by the concerned Authorities, then why no action has been taken against Amazon, Flipkart and others for brutal, open and continuous violation of FDI policy of the Government.

The CAIT has asked PM Narendra Modi and his government to enforce equal law and policy for all. 

Repeated Complaints Of CAIT Met With No Action By The Government

The recent sales at Amazon and Flipkart too have not been spared by the CAIT, who asked for the Government to take strict action against both the platforms, to which Piyush Goyal, Commerce Minister of India assured them that strict action will be taken if the eCommerce platforms were found to violating any rules

Khandelwal also said that there has been no action taken against them in spite of repeated complaints. 

Traders also want the government to release the draft of National E-commerce Policy immediately, and have also demanded that before releasing the draft, trade representatives should be consulted. 

There are many trade associations that will be a part of this agitation, such as All India Mobile Retailers Association, All India Consumer Products Distributors Federation, Federation of All India Aluminium Utensils Manufacturers, All India Association of Electronics Merchants Association, Toys Association of India, Drug Dealers Association of India, Federation of Electrical Goods & Appliances Association, Federation of Hardware Manufacturers & Traders Association, and others. 

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