Indian Railways Pays Tejas Express Passengers For Delay; Tejas Fare Rules Are Illegal?

Indian Railways Pays Tejas Express Passengers For Delay
Indian Railways Pays Tejas Express Passengers For Delay

For the first time in the history of Indian Railways, the customers are being paid for the delay in the arrival of trains. 

Yes, IRCTC is paying around Rs. 1.62 lakh as a compensation for the delay in the running of Tejas Express.

On the other hand, a report has revealed that Tejas Express has been violating the law of railway tariff. 

The Tejas Express, flagged off in the first week of October, is the first private train by the Indian Railways, and will run between Delhi and Lucknow.

Find out more about the compensation and the train’s violation of rules right here!

Indian Railways Pays Passengers For Delay Of Tejas Express

On October 19, the Lucknow-Delhi Tejas Express ran late by more than 3 hours, and IRCTC will be offering around Rs. 1.62 lakh as compensation to the passengers. This amount will be paid through insurance companies. About 950 passengers will be getting this compensation, and this has happened for the first time in the history of Indian Railways. 

Apparently, the train was scheduled to leave Lucknow at 6.10 am, but there was a delay in its departure and the train left at 9.55 am. This further delayed the arrival, which was scheduled for 12.25 pm, but reached New Delhi at 3.40 pm. Again, the train started from New Delhi at 5.30 pm instead of 3.35 pm and reached Lucknow at 11.30 pm instead of 10.05 pm. 

As per reports, the 1.62 lakh compensation will be given to all 950 passengers travelling either way. The 450 passengers who travelled from Lucknow to Delhi will receive about Rs. 250, and those who travelled from Lucknow to Delhi will get about Rs. 100 each. 

The customers will be sent a link on their phone numbers, through which they can claim their compensation. 

Tejas Express Found Violating Railways Tariff Law 

According to the officials of the Indian Railways, the tariff rates violate the rules of the Railway Act of 1989, as the decision on tariff is made only by the Central Government which is deemed as the only competent authority, and not IRCTC. The officials said that IRCTC is not ‘empowered’ to decide on what the tariff should be. 

A senior official revealed, “Though the Act does not recognise a privately operated railway, the rates are to be decided by the Central Government. But no such order was issued authorising the private train authorities to decide on its tariff. If IRCTC decides on the fares, it is a violation of the law and invites a penalty…”

The ticket fare for Lucknow-Delhi Tejas Express is as follows:

For the train number 82501 IRCTC Tejas Express Lucknow to Delhi Executive Chair Car, the fare is Rs 2,310. The price for AC Chair car (CC) ticket is Rs 1,505.

Whereas, the train number 82502 IRCTC Tejas Express ticket for Executive Chair Car (EC), the price is Rs. 2,450, and the AC Chair car (CC) ticket is priced at Rs 1,755.

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