‘Kulhads’ Compulsory At Railways Stations, Airport? Passengers Will Get Money Back If Train Is Late!

‘Kulhads’ Compulsory At Railways Stations, Airport?
‘Kulhads’ Compulsory At Railways Stations, Airport?

Some major reforms have been planned related with passenger amenities and services across railways stations and airports.

To start with, very soon, kulhads or earthen cups will be made mandatory at railways stations and airports, bus stations.

Meanwhile, in a surprise move, passengers can be compensated, if their train is late by an hour, or more than that.

This would be applicable for only one train.

‘Kulhads’ Will Be Compulsory At Railways Stations, Airports?

Union minister Nitin Gadkari has strongly suggested that cups made with earth: Kulhads, should  be made compulsory across Railways Stations, bus stations and even airports.

As per him, promoting kulhads will reduce plastic pollution, and will help to generate more rural employment.

He has suggested that kulhads should be made compulsory across top 100 railway stations, across the country.

Shopping malls and tea outlets have also been asked to increase the usage of kulhads, and if possible, only use kulhads.

If these proposals are accepted, then Kulhads will make a massive comeback after 15 years, when Lalu Prasad Yadav, then Railways Minister made it compulsory to use Kulhads across trains and stations.

Since earth made kulhads are also hand made, they are expensive, compared to plastic or paper cups.

Passengers Will Get Money Back if Train Is Late

IRCTC will soon start the service of Tejas Express across two routes, one of them is Lucknow-New Delhi route.

As per reports coming in, Tejas Express can have India’s first compensation model, for train getting late.

A proposal has been sent, as per which, if Tejas Express is late by an hour or more, then the passenger will be compensated.

Since Indian Trains are known for being late, this can prove to be an interesting experiment for all.

Besides, Tejas Express can have some additional features and services like extra breakfast and meals and Rs 50 lakh worth of free insurance. Prices will be on-par with Shatabdi Express, and in peak season, passengers can expect the dreaded dynamic pricing.

But yes, tea and coffee will be free.

Interestingly, coaches within Tejas Express will have only two washrooms, compared to 4 washrooms, which is the norm in other trains. This has been done to save space and to enable smoother movement of support staff and catering staff.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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