Union Minister Calls For Ban On Driver-Less Cars In India; 1 Cr Jobs Will Be Lost?

Union Minister Calls For Ban On Driver-Less Cars In India
Union Minister Calls For Ban On Driver-Less Cars In India

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has declared that he will not allow any driver-less car in India, as long as he is the Minister.

He is the The Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, and this means that he is directly calling for a ban on driverless cars in India.

Job Loss Due To Driver-Less Cars In India?

As per the logic presented by the Union Minister, driverless cars in India will lead to massive job loss, all around.

He said that there are 40 lakh drivers in India, and 25 lakh more drivers are required. In case driverless cars are ‘allowed’ in India, then it will lead to loss of jobs for around 1 crore drivers.

This, he won’t ‘allow’.

He admitted that several top ‘personalities’ have come to him, and asked to test run driverless cars in India, but he is not allowing them.

His statement: “Several big personalities from the country met me and said they want to bring driverless vehicles to India. I clearly told them that till I am there, I shall not allow driverless cars in India. I was asked whether I oppose new technology. I said not at all.”

This strong statement and views against driverless cars in India was given by the Minister while addressing people at an event organised by Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC).

He said that by banning driverless cars in India, Mahatma Gandhi would be given a true tribute.

There are some essays and speeches of Mahatma Gandhi, which revealed that he opposed the introduction of machines and was against the concept of factories.

This view is no doubt, controversial.

Is India Against Driverless Cars?

This is not the first time when Nitin Gadkari shared his opposing views on driverless cars and automation.

In 2017 too, he had declared that no driverless car will be allowed in India, and had called for a ban. He was opposing Uber and Ola’s plans to introduce driverless cars in India.

Interestingly, the phenomenon of driverless and autonomous cars are expanding in India, and several big names have already attached themselves to this movement.

In 2017, Tata Motors had declared that they are working on a driverless car in India, and claimed that they will be the first company to test such a driverless car in India.

Wipro and IISc are already working on a customised driverless car for India, which suits Indian roads and conditions.

It would be interesting how the automobile sector will react to Union Minister’s views on driverless cars in India.

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