Paytm Issues Warning Against KYC Fraud: Don’t Install These Apps To Protect Your Private Information

Paytm issues a major warning against these apps
Paytm issues a major warning against these apps

PIndia’s biggest mobile wallet: Paytm, has issues a strict warning and alert for all their users, which is related with data privacy, and KYC.

If you are using Paytm or any other mobile wallet, then this is a must-read for you.

Paytm KYC Warning: Don’t Install These Apps

August 31st is the last date for completing KYC or Know Your Customer process for all mobile wallets in India.

In case KYC is not done, then the users won’t be able to use all the features of the wallets, and there can be issues related with fund transfers and more.

As the deadline is approaching fast, Paytm has issued a strict warning for all users, related with using remote access apps such as AnyDesk and others.

As per the alert, Paytm has asked all users not to download or use these apps, since they can be exploited by hackers to gain access to your mobile and steal information.

As per India TV, “Paytm has issued an advisory for people using its app, asking not to download remote access apps including AnyDesk or Quicks Port in their mobile phones.”

Note here, that there are hundreds of such remote access apps such as AnyDesk or Quicks Ports, and any of them can be exploited to gain unlawful access to your private information.

In the past, RBI, and banks such as RBI, HDFC Bank and others have issued warning against AnyDesk and other remote sharing apps.

Best Way To Complete Paytm KYC?

As per Paytm’s notifications, the best and safest way to complete KYC process is using their door to door service for the same.

This KYC method can be used by any Paytm users, wherein they fill in the basic details, and then choose the option to complete KYC done by a Paytm authorised executive.

Based on your availability and location, you can ask the Paytm executive to visit you, and complete the KYC process infront of you.

Why Did Paytm Issue This Warning?

It may be possible that some fraudsters can using these remote access apps, and baiting the Paytm users into revealing their information via remote access apps, since KYC deadline is approaching fast, and there is a sort of panic among the users who haven’t yet done the KYC.

In their alert, Paytm has asked users not to reveal their personal information on these remote access apps such as AnyDesk or Quicks Ports.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more information. 

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