Tata Sky HD Set-Top Box Is Now Cheaper; Users Can Now Check Tata Sky Pack Details On Whatsapp!

Tata Sky HD Set-Top Box Is Now Cheaper
Tata Sky HD Set-Top Box Is Now Cheaper

Tata Sky is now offering its services to users through the business model of Whatsapp – Whatsapp Business. Now Tata Sky’s users can even check their account balance through its Whatsapp services. 

In addition to that, Tata Sky has cut down the prices of its set top boxes once again in the Indian television market. And by a huge margin too!

What are the services that Tata Sky is offering its customers through WhatsApp? Why has Tata Sky reduced the prices of its set top boxes? Read on to know all the details!

Check Your WhatsApp Account Balance On WhatsApp

Tata Sky adapted the WhatsApp Business platform to get in touch with its customer base, and with a motive to increase the number of customers back in 2018. However, a lot of services hadn’t been introduced back then, which have now been made available to the public. 

To check your account balance, you will first be required to subscribe to WhatsApp’s business account from your registered mobile number. To register yourself, add this number to your contact list – +91 1800 208 6633 and text something on that number’s Whatsapp.

You will get a reply from Tata Sky informing which services are available to you which are check your account balance, instant recharge option, get an emergency top-up, know the current channel pack details and refresh the account after a recharge. 

To check account balance, you are required to reply to the Tata Sky WhatsApp as ‘Balance’. Once you do this, Tata Sky Business Account will send you a reply which will tell you the account balance. 

Tata Sky STB Prices Reduced Again

Tata Sky has reduced the prices of the set top box, yet again, and that too by a huge margin. This is a regular marketing tactic, as Tata Sky is looking to boost its customer base. 

The latest price cut has reduced the prices of Tata Sky’s set top box by Rs. 301 and Rs. 201 too. 

The price of STB has been reduced by a good 300 bucks, which makes the HD set top box cost Rs. 1499 instead of Rs. 1800. The SD set top box of Tata Sky is available for Rs. 1399, where there is a price cut of Rs. 100. 

The rivals of Tata Sky in the telecom market have always offered strong competition, especially Airtel which even offers free goodies and data with its plans. We wonder if slashing the prices of set top boxes will do the trick for Tata Sky.

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