Buy Shares, Manage Pension Using Your Paytm Money App; Another Fintech Disruption?

Buy Shares, Manage Pension Using Your Paytm Money App
Buy Shares, Manage Pension Using Your Paytm Money App

Paytm Money app, which was launched as a financial services hub from Paytm is now expanding their portfolios and incubating more interesting fintech products.

Is this another fintech disruption from Paytm?

Buy Shares, Manage Your Pension Using Paytm Money App

Paytm Money will now offer stock brokerage service, and also enable users to manage their pension, via one single platform.

This May, Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority authorized Paytm Money app to sell National Pension Scheme, and this means, that users can directly link their Pension accounts with Paytm Money App.

Once linked, the users can use the app to deposit their pension, withdraw and invest via one single dashboard.

Besides, in April this year,  Securities and Exchange Board of India had allowed Paytm Money to offer stock brokerage service, which means that users can now sell and buy stocks using Paytm Money. 

Pravin Jadhav, whole-time director at Paytm Money has confirmed that besides Pension and Stock brokerage, Paytm Money will also offer other fintech products to the users.

He said, “We will be starting stock broking service, ETF, depository account for shares, national pension schemes during this financial year,” 

Paytm Grabs 40% Share in The Mutual Funds Market

When Paytm Money was launched in September last year, selling mutual funds was the primary business objective, and they have performed well in this niche.

In a disruptive mode, Paytm Money enabled investments starting as low as Rs 100, and it worked.

Within a short span of time, Paytm Money has grabbed 40% market share in the direct mutual fund market in the country, wherein the customers are directly buying mutual funds from the concerned financial institutions, rather than buying from a broker.

Infact, as per Paytm, more than 75% of the users of Paytm Money app are SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) investors, and very soon, they will cross 1 crore SIP investors.

Pravin said, “As our SIP registrations continue to grow every month, we expect to cross 1 million active SIPs soon.”

There are only 2 crore mutual fund investors in India right now, and if Paytm Money is able to convince 1 crore of them, then it will mean that 50% of the investors are with Paytm right now.

Big deal indeed.

Paytm Money’s Fintech Disruption

By capturing 40% of the direct mutual funds market, Paytm Money has already triggered a fintech revolution.

By starting stock trading options, Paytm Money is now eyeing $2.3 trillion stock market in India, and the process has already started.

With offers such as Rs 100 crore of cashback offers, and lakhs of investors who trusted Paytm Money even before their launch, financial experts are closely observing the rise of this app.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.


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