Rail Passenger Dies After Falling From Upper Berth Of This Train: Who Is Responsible??

Death due to upper berth in the train
Death due to upper berth in the train

In an unfortunate accident, a rail passenger died after she fell down from the upper berth of a Bengaluru-bound train.

This is one of the rarest of rare incidents, but still, life has been lost.

Who is responsible here?

Woman Died While Climbing Down From Upper Berth

Saraswathi Banisal, was a 40-year old woman passenger, traveling from Mumbai to Bengaluru in Udyan Express, on July 22nd.

Originally from Kolkata, she lives and works in Bengaluru, and had gone to Mumbai for some training. 

At around 8.20 AM, when the train was about to enter Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna (Bengaluru City) railway station, Saraswathi started climbing down from her upper berth in her AC coach.

She slipped and fell down, and most probably, she received some severe internal injury in her spinal cord and/or head.

Co-passengers immediately tweeted this incident to the Railways Ministry and Indian Railways’ official accounts.

Officials responded, and by 8.30 AM, Government Railway Police, railway officials and doctors were present at the platform #3 to give medical help.

The Cause Of Death: Internal Injuries

The train entered the platform at 9AM, and the injured passenger was given instant medical help. Initially, all her vital parameters were functioning normally, but very soon, situation deteriorated, and doctors sensed something wrong.

She was shifted to nearly KC General Hospital, but she couldn’t survive.

Dr S Snehalatha, general physician at a free clinic run by Manipal Hospitals was treating her.

She said, “Doctors waiting for the ambulance outside conducted a few basic tests and declared her as brought dead.”

The exact reason for death will be revealed once postmortem is done.

Who Is Responsible For This Death?

Upper berths in the railway coaches are dangerous, and as per doctors, those passengers who have diabetes and/or blood pressure problems should avoid upper and middle berths, since the impact of high/low BP and sugar can happen anytime.

Besides, passengers can slip and fall as well.

In 2015, talks were on install stair-case in the coaches, to enable easy climbing up and down to the upper berth, but nothing concrete came out.

Although a rare case, but a precious life has been lost in this freak accident, and this should alert and alarm all Railway Officials about the dangers of upper berths.

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