India Ranked 9th Worst Country For Solo Female Travellers; This Country Is The Safest

India Ranked 9th Worst Country For Solo Female Travellers
India Ranked 9th Worst Country For Solo Female Travellers

Solo traveling is a trend that is popular amongst men and women equally. More and more women are now choosing to travel alone, instead of traveling in groups. There are definite dangers in traveling alone, and being a woman solo traveler definitely adds to the risk.

A new report by Forbes has revealed that India is the ninth-worst country for women to travel alone. The blog is all about safety, especially while traveling, and is written by a journalist couple.

In this report, the journalist couple has drafted an index which ranks fifty countries of the world depending on the safety that these countries offer the tourists it attracts. 

And in this list of the top 50 most dangerous countries, India stands ninth. 

Women’s Danger Index: A Report By Two Journalists

Journalists Asher and Lyric Ferguson, who also have a blog dedicated to travel safety, have come up with a ‘Women’s Danger Index’. 

This Women’s Danger Index ranks the world’s most dangerous countries for solo women travelers on some specific criteria, such as street safety for women, intentional homicide of women, non-partner sexual violence, intimate partner violence, legal discrimination, global gender gap, gender inequality index and violence against women attitudes. 

The report was put together with the help of information obtained from various sources, ranging from 2018 Gallup World Poll to Equal Measures 2030’s Gender Advocates Data Hub.

Lyric Ferguson says, “While traveling as a couple we’ve experienced some uncomfortable situations and we’ve heard horror stories from many solo female travelers. Rather than relying on hearsay and anecdotes, we thought it would be good to know which countries are the worst and safest based on hard facts.”

India Is The Ninth Worst Country For Solo Women Travelers; Spain Safest Country

South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, and Iran are the top five countries as per this Index, followed by the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Morocco, India, and Thailand. 

Spain is the second most traveled to the country in the world, and yet, is the safest country in the world for women travelers. Spain scored well in street safety, low legal discrimination and low violence against women attitudes category. It is followed by Singapore, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland.

Speaking of India, Ferguson said that the country scored the worst out of all the countries in the category of gender equality. Ferguson also said, “It also had poor rankings in intimate partner violence and the gender gap”

India is a nation where the safety of women has been a major issue for years, and this index has brought it to our notice that not only Indian women, but also the tourists who India attracts face high risk too. 

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