Indore Man Robbed Of Rs 2.2 Lakh While Ordering Food Online: Never Make This Mistake

Another digital fraud, with same MO
Another digital fraud, with same MO

In a stunning case of fraud and online robbery, a man from Indore lost Rs 2.2 lakh while he was ordering food online.

Although the very task of ordering food online was not directly responsible for the online fraud, but this activity triggered a chain of actions, which ultimately led to the fraud.

This is an excellent case study on what not to do while dealing with digital transactions.

This Is How This Man Lost Rs 2.2 lakh

A 42-year old Software Engineer from Indore decided to order food online, via one of the popular apps. As soon as the food was ordered, the man discovered that a sum of Rs 280 was deducted from his bank account.

The reason for this deduction was a previous transaction, which that man had made, but failed to pay.

He had some doubts, and then to resolve those doubts, he committed the mistake which started this fraud.

Never Make This Mistake While Transacting Online

In order to resolve the doubt regarding the deducation of Rs 280, he tried searching for the customer care number of the payment gateway, and reached a fake customer care service.

Although his issue was not resolved, but his number and his name reached the fraudsters.

After 2 days, he received a call from the scamsters, who claimed to be customer care representatives of the payment gateway, through which Rs 280 was deducted.

Since he had contacted them 2 days earlier, he trusted them.

Modus Operandi: How Rs 2.2 Lakh Was Looted

Now, once the trust was established, the scamsters asked the man to download a remote-access app and asked him to share the login id and password for the same.

Assuming that the customer care reps are trying to resolve the issue, the man shared the details.

And that was the biggest mistake.

After few minutes, he realized the mistake, and in a panic, attempted to transfer all him money to another bank account but failed.

In the chaos, he called the bank and asked them to help. The bank fellows blocked his debit card and credit card, but kept his internet banking and mobile banking account open.

And this was the third biggest mistake.

Next morning, the man discovered that Rs 2.2 lakh has been stolen from his bank account.

How To Avoid Such Frauds?

First and foremost, never ever share login details of any app or any remote access app to anyone on the call. Using these apps, the fraudsters gain control over your smartphone, and then can steal any information they want.

RBI, and banks such as HDFC have repeatedly issued warnings against such remote access apps, but still, fraudsters are committing their crimes without any hiccups.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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