Aadhaar-PAN Name Mismatch? This Is How You Can Match Your Names In Both Aadhaar & PAN Card

How To Match Your Names In Both Aadhaar & PAN Card
How To Match Your Names In Both Aadhaar & PAN Card

The Aadhaar Card has become one of the most important identity proofs available to an Indian citizen and recently it was made mandatory to link the IT Department’s Permanent Account Number (PAN) card with the Aadhaar card.

This linking process has made people realize that there might be a mismatch in the names on the two identity proofs, be it a small differences in the spellings of their name on the two cards, making it impossible to successfully complete the linkage.

Recently a process was rolled out to ensure that the linking of the Aadhaar and PAN could be completed online with minimal effort even in such cases. We intend to help you with the same.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Linking Aadhar and PAN

• You must make sure that your demographic details such as date of birth, name and gender should be the same in both the documents.

• In case of a minor mismatch in your registered name in the two, an Aadhar OTP will be generated and sent to the registered Aadhar mobile number. Although for this to happen, the taxpayer should ensure that the registered DOB and gender in PAN and Aadhar are exactly same.

• Unfortunately, in case of complete mismatch in name on the two documents, the linking shall fail completely. So, the individual will have to make changes either in PAN or Aadhar database.

Steps to Change Name on Aadhar Card

• You can update your name in Aadhar Card database either online or at an enrollment centre.

• For changing your name on the Aadhar Card, you will have to visit the SSVP Portal; on selecting the fields you want to update or change, you can fill in the necessary data accordingly.

• Once the form is submitted, a Unique Request Number (URN) will be generated. You can check the Aadhar update status using this URN.

• If you are visiting the nearest permanent enrollment center, fill in the relevant form, attach necessary document and submit and get your name updated.

• You can also download the name change/update form available on the UIDAI website. Fill all the required details, attach necessary valid documents and proofs and then submit it to the nearest permanent enrollment center. Once your request is processed, you shall receive your updated Aadhaar Card.

Steps to Change Name on PAN Card

• In order to update your name in PAN, you need to visit www.onlineservices.nsdl.com.

• Select the application type: Changes or Correction in existing PAN Data/Reprint of PAN Card.

• After filling in other application information such as Title, Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Email Id, PAN Number, you need to confirm if you are a citizen of India and submit the captcha code.

• After this, a token number will be generated, followed by continuation of PAN application form. You can get the PAN correction form online https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/correctiondsc.html.   

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