Bank Of Baroda Will Launch eCommerce Business; Enforces Dress Code For Employees

Bank of Baroda will launch ecommerce business
Bank of Baroda will launch ecommerce business

Bank of Baroda, which has merged with Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank to become India’s 3rd largest bank in terms of assets and revenues, is now venturing into ecommerce business.

Besides, they have also formulated dress code for employees, which includes trimmed moustaches and tucked-in shirts!

Bank of Baroda Will Start Ecommerce Business

In an innovate strategy which defies the traditional mode of banking, Bank of Baroda has decided to venture into ecommerce business.

As per reports coming in, Bank of Baroda will now sell banking services and agri-products via ecommerce platform, and tender has been floated for the same.

This would be an online marketplace for services, wherein merchants will directly sell their services and products to Bank of Baroda customers and pubic at large.

As per the tender floated, the bank is seeking technical assistance for merchants in managing their catalogs, fulfilling the online orders, pricing, shipping, marketing and more.

In a statement, the bank said, “The bank is seeking a partner to supply digital commerce platform and provide support for its implementation for multiple use cases as decided by the bank,”

The online offerings would be tailor-made to cater to the daily needs of their customers, and separate section would be dedicated only for the agri-products such as ‘agri crop loan, farm machinery, equipment seeds and fertilizers.’

Besides, farmers will also be able to secure loans, via this online marketplace.

Dress Code For Bank of Baroda Employees?

Ever since Bank of Baroda merged with Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank, they are attempting unique and different strategies to stand out, and make a mark.

This online marketplace is not just a one-off case.

The Bank has also decided to enforce a dressing code for employees, as witnessed in a in Bhuj, Gujarat.

In a notification sent to all employees in Bhuj last month, the management has set 11 guidelines to ‘wear and look smart’.

It seems that some employees were caught coming to office in slippers, and shabby clothing, and this triggered this reaction.

The letter said, “It has been noticed during branch inspections that many employees are not wearing clean and well-ironed clothes; employees are not shaving properly, shoes are not polished, hair not properly trimmed. Shirt not properly tucked in. It is also observed that employees are not coming to branch as per branch timing.”

Some of the guidelines mentioned in the letter are:

  • “For ladies staff — saree or salwar suit shows a professional appearance,”
  • “Our voice should be polite.”
  • Slippers should be avoided, except in an emergency situation
  • Shoes should be always polished and shining
  • Hair should be trimmed, and if long hair, then it should be ‘shaped and combed’.
  • Beards and moustaches should be ‘kept in good shape’
  • Shirts should be tucked in and more.

Now, the question is, will these dressing guidelines be implemented across India, or it was just specific to Bhuj?

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