PUBG Lite For PC Launching On July 4th; Is PUBG Working On A New Game?

PUBG Lite for PC launching on July 4th
PUBG Lite for PC launching on July 4th

PUBG recently launched the PUBG Lite version of the game for desktops, and it is now coming to India as soon as July 4. Mark your calendars, gamers!

Yes, you can now play the toned-down version of the very popular video game on your desktops in only two days!

The game has been available for desktop users since 2017, and will be available for low-end PCs and laptops in the Lite version from July 4.

Also, there is news that a new PUBG game is under development and will come with exciting new features, such as narrative and story-based missions!

Read on to know all the new updates that your favorite videogame will be getting!

PUBG To Come To India On July 4, 2019

PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, had taken to social media to announce that the Lite version of PUBG would be coming to a few countries soon, including India.

The official Facebook account of PUBG stated that the toned down version of PUBG will soon be rolled out to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, and India.

And now, the date is out too! PUBG Beta Lite will be available in India on July 4th. 

Apparently, it will also come with a Hindi language option for Indian players. 

Brady Choi, VP and Head of PUBG Lite at PUBG Corporation expressed his pleasure at the availability of PUBG Lite to the gamers in South Asia, saying, “We have a lot of passionate PUBG players in South Asia, so it represents an important area of focus for us. As we continue to expand into new territories, we will do our best to provide a stable and fun service by communicating closely with our players.”

See the requirements and configuration required to play the game on your laptop or PC!

A New PUBG Game Under Development?

After announcing a new update recently, PUBG is now working on a brand new videogame, and this will not exactly be a sequel but will have an original narrative in the PUBG world.

The name of the new game has not been declared yet and nor is the release date, but it is being developed by a new studio, whose name is Striking Distance. Striking Distance is a company headed by Glen Schofield, who is the mastermind behind popular videogames such as Call of Duty and Dead Space. 

We will keep you updated as more details come in!

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