Rajdhani Express Will Be Replaced By This New 160 Kmph Engineless Train Starting 2020

Rajdhani Express will be replaced
Rajdhani Express will be replaced

On March 3rd, 1969, that is 50 years back, Rajdhani Express was introduced in India for the first time. Since then, it has been India’s most premier, fastest train, and at one time, it was rumored that if a Rajdhani gets delayed by even 5 minutes, there used to be an inquiry by the Railway Board.

Now, starting 2020, the good ol’ Rajdhani Express will be replaced by a new train, which will have no engine!

What exactly is happening here?

Rajdhani Express To Be Replaced By Vande Bharat Express

Train18, which has been renamed as Vande Bharat Express is right now India’s fastest train, and is completely engineless.

As per a report by Financial Express, this train is all set to replace Rajdhani Express by 2020.

Fully Made in India, Vande Bharat Express recently breached the 180 km per hour mark, and thereby became India’s fastest train. The current version of Vande Bharat Express is replacing Shatabdi Express across some important routes, and have chair cars right now.

Railway Officials have stated that very soon, Vande Bharat Express will have sleeper coaches, which will eventually replace All Rajdhani Express trains in India.

An official said,  “The design work for a Rajdhani Express-style Train 18 is in process. We hope to complete it by year-end and get it finalized by the Railway Board,”

While Shatabdi has chair cars, Rajdhani Express is a sleeper version, with berths to sleep.

The new sleeper coaches of Vande Bharat Express, which will eventually replace Rajdhani Express are being manufactured in India, at Integral Coach Factory, Chennai.

As per Railway Official, starting mid-2020, the first version of sleeper Vande Bharat Express will be rolled out, which will be the first replacement of Rajdhani Express.

Vande Bharat Express: An Enginessless Wonder, Made in India

Last year in October, fully 100% Made India train: Vande Bharat Express (then it was Train18), made its debut in India, when it was tested at ICF, Chennai.

Right now, this train is successfully running between Dehi and Varanasi, and has replaced the Shatabdi Express for the same route. The first run between Delhi and Varanasi was inaugurated by PM Modi as this February.

Rs 100 crore was spent to make this engineless train in India, and is considered an engineering marvel, as it is 100% Make in India train.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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