Indian Railways Earning From Passengers Increase By 113%; 96% Trains Restored

Indian Railways Earning From Passengers Increase By 113%; 96% Trains Restored
Indian Railways Earning From Passengers Increase By 113%; 96% Trains Restored

An RTI query revealed that Indian Railways has registered an increase of 113 percent in earnings from passenger segments during the second quarter of 2021-2022 as compared to the first thanks to relaxation in restrictions imposed due to coronavirus and beginning of festive season.

Railways Restored Services

Prior to this, during 2020-21, the railways’ earning from the passenger fare had remained in the red as all its regular services were temporarily suspended for most of the year. 

Presently, the railways has restored 96 percent of its trains which were operational during pre-Covid times.

Now, Railways is running special trains as regular services are yet to be operationalised.

The railways said that its earnings in the first quarter from passenger fare was Rs 4,921.11 crore, while in Q2, the earnings climbed to Rs 10,513.07 crore in reply to an RTI query from Madhya Pradesh-based Chandra Shekhar Gaur.

Railway Running Special Trains

The railways are running only special trains since the coronavirus-triggered lockdown was eased.

Initially, it started with long-distance trains. 

But, now, even short-distance passenger trains are being run as special trains with “slightly higher fares” for passengers and other short-distance trains to “discourage people from avoidable travels”.

With this implementation, Railways is running 1,402 mail express trains at normal rates, while 323 holiday special trains are being run at the usual higher rates.

Justifying the reason behind this, a senior official of the railways said, “The primary reason for this increase in revenue is because more trains are in operation. Also, people now are starting to travel for not just business but also for leisure. In many states like Maharashtra where there were restrictions in travel they have now been eased,”.

The railway’s earnings from freight being off-track for most of 2020-21, suffered a minor setback in the Q2 of the current fiscal as these services began.

However, the revenue from goods was Rs 33,241.75 crore in Q1, in Q2, it is Rs 32,102.34 crore.

Hike In Indian Railways Revenue

Initially, railways’ earnings have dipped considerably since 2019-2020 when the coronavirus pandemic hit the country.

But now, the hike in revenue in the second quarter of the current financial year indicates that people are again motivated to travel both for leisure and work.

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