Huawei’s 5G Roadmap Revealed: Mate X Launching In June; 4 5G Devices Will Be Launched!

It very well looks like the wait for 5G phones will now come to an end.

2019 is the year of 5G phones. The Chinese tech giant Huawei, yesterday at its Global Analyst Conference, disclosed its 5G device roadmap for 2019, providing an insight to its extensive device-centric plans. It has announced to release its 5G devices and commercial 5G network equipment.

As announced in this conference attended by more than 680 industry analysts, Huawei has ensured to launch four of its 5G enabled products as a part of their roadmap, in 2019.  

The company has also unveiled its future strategies and current progress regarding 5G technology and its other divisions. This comes as a strong competition to the established smartphone giants, Samsung and Apple.

The Turn of Events as per the Roadmap

The company has decided to start the line up with the launch of its CPE Pro wireless router in mid-June.

However, the most awaited 5G device launch of Huawei comes after this, notable the Huawei Mate X 5G foldable smartphone, which will also be the world’s first 5G foldable device.

This model is said to launch in July, however, its 4G variant is to be launched in June itself. It is expected by many that this device will be launched worldwide at the same time.

Following this, there is said to be the launch of a 5G-enabled mobile hotspot, chosen to launch in mid-September. To leave you in awe of the spectacular pace as maintained by Huawei, it has been announced that a new 5G smartphone is to be launched in mid-October, which could find itself under the flagship of the Mate series, probably Mate30 but there has been no confirmation of the same.

A Strickening Bash to Samsung

Apparently, Samsung had announced the launch of its Samsung Galaxy fold somewhere in June this year, which it had to postpone due to the device’s foldable screen display. It was reported that the foldable display was getting damaged very easily.

This provides to be an area of pitch for Huawei, as its foldable smartphone employs a fundamentally different and better design in opposition to Samsung Galaxy Fold. Thus, Huawei has an opportune moment to have its hands completely over the first company to have released foldable 5G smartphones, which adds a layer of future-proofing over its competitors.

The Graph for Huawei has been Positive So Far

Huawei has been doing pretty well on what it had claimed earlier. The company reported that 1st quarter of 2019 has seen a generation of  179.7 billion yuan in revenue, representing a 39% year-on-year growth. Its net profit margin in Q1 2019 has been 8% more than the same period last year.

The company has also revealed that it has signed 40 commercial contracts for 5G with leading global carriers and had shipped more than 70,000 5G base stations worldwide, by the end of March 2019. Meanwhile, its smartphone shipments exceeded 59 million units, targeting to achieve over 250 million units shipment by this year.

With the technological evolution, it comes as a great step in the hardware smartphone industry that 5G has finally come in real-world practice. Being the first in the market, Huawei has posted a great advantage to itself.

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