Tata Sky’s New Pricing List: Prices Reduced For 21 Channels, 10 Packs (Complete List Of New Rates)

Tata Sky has announced some major reshuffling of channel prices for pay channels, effective April 23rd.

While most of the new price of the pay channels have come down, there has been an increase in the price list as well.

The reason is that broadcasters have altered the pricing of the channels, based on the bouquets, and this has forced Tata Sky to alter the prices as well.

Besides, Tata Sky has also launched its new regional and sports pack, which have been targeted for a niche demographic.

Check out the complete list of changes, and new pricing structure right here!

Tata Sky’s New Pricing Details (Complete List)

Major broadcasters such as TV18 and Viacom18 have altered their pricing list of the channels, which has forced Tata Sky to alter their pricing list as well.

The major changes done by Tata Sky is seen in the regional channels such as News18 Bangla, Colors Infinity, MTV Beats and more.

Thankfully, except Food Food channels, every other channel’s price have come down.

Here is the full list:

Source: https://www.indiantelevision.com

New Broadcasters Packs Under Tata Sky

Under the broadcasters’ pack available under Tata Sky, there has been a major reshuffling of prices, and the cost has come down for all the major bouquets offers.

For example, Colors Hindi Pack is now priced Rs 30, which was earlier priced Rs 35. Zee Prime English is now priced Rs 15, which was earlier Rs 25.

Here is the complete list of the new price for the channel packs, which are offered by the broadcasters.

Source: https://www.indiantelevision.com

At the same, several broadcasters have announced new packs as well, which will be available for Tata Sky users.

You can download the complete list here.

Tata Sky’s New Regional Packs

At the same time, Tata Sky has announced that they will launch their own packs, targeted for regional users, and sports fans. These new Lite packs are an extension of their previous Lite packs announced last week.

These new packs will be introduced effective April 23.

Here are the details:

Lite Pack NameMRPNumber of Channels
Gujarati Lite PackRs 146 (after taxes)66
Gujarati Lite HD PackRs 239 (after taxes)68
Odio Lite PackRs 167 (after taxes)62
Odia Lite HDRs 262 (after taxes)64
Sports Pack (3)Rs 139 (after taxes)13 channels each pack
Sports Pack HD (3)Rs 181 (after taxes)13 channels each pack

We will keep you updated, as we receive more news about Tata Sky’s new pricing plans and packs.

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