‘How To Download Tiktok’ Search Increases; This Is How Fans Are Downloading It Outside Google Play store

As on April 16th, Govt. of India ordered that TikTok has been banned across the nation. This was an unprecedented announcement, as never before any app has been so unceremoniously banned in the nation.

TikTok, which is one of the fastest growing app in the world with 500 million+ users, was stunned with this verdict. More than 100 million new users are added per month, and India has the highest number of new users.

But more than that, it was the fans who were shocked: India has 12 crore TikTok users, and if new users not allowed to come, then how will the reach and engagement increase?

But, it seems that the ban had little effect on the popularity of TikTok, as fans are continuing to download it, and use it.

‘How To Download TikTok’ Search Surges

As per Google trends data, the searches related to Tiktok download has increased significantly, ever since the ban was announced.

Govt of India has ordered Google and Apple to restrict new downloads of TikTok, and to remove the app from their respective app stores.

And exactly that has happened: The app is no more available for download.

This has resulted in an increase of searches such as ‘How to download TikTok’, across India.

Here is a screenshot of this increase in search, as seen on Google Trends:

Infact, the keyword: “How to download TikTok after the ban” was the most trending on Google since Thursday.

This clearly means that the fans of TikTok want this app, desperately.

Fans Are Downloading TikTok Without Google/Apple App Store

As per reports coming in, fans are now bypassing Google and Apple’s official app stores, and downloading TikTok via alternate means.

There are several APK mirror sites, which provide the option to download any app, without using Google Play store or Apple’s app store/iTunes.

Infact, one such site called APKMirror informed that downloading of TikTok from their site has increased by 15 times, ever since the Govt. announced the ban.

This was confirmed by Artem Russakovskii, who is the founder of APKMirror.

There are risks involved here, as downloading any app by bypassing Google Playstore and Apple’s app store also means that there can be viruses and malware hidden in the app, and that too can be downloaded. But fans are taking the risk, anyway.

This means that the so-called ban on TikTok by Govt. of India doesn’t have much effect, and new fans are continuing to download the app from alternative sources.

Will Govt of India now ban such mirror sites as well?

Do let us know by commenting right here!

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