Now, Buy Movie Tickets On Google Itself: Is This Bad News For Ticketing Apps?

Book movie tickets on Google Now
Book movie tickets on Google Now

GWhat is your reaction whenever you hear about a movie for the first time? You immediately google it. Hence, Google has used this instinct action of people in making the movie booking deal simple.

Recently, it has been found out that Google has made our cinematic experience much simpler. It has all the information from when the movie is going to release to how much do you have to pay and deals available.

The google assistant, which is an updated version of Google has plenty of features available. Movie ticket booking is one of the recent updates.

Book Your Tickets Through Google

Whenever you type the name of the movie in the “Google search bar” there is a list of show timings available. It also suggests the most recent theater available for your convenience.

It allows the search giant to pop up cards of all the movies running in and around your location, along with details of where you can watch them and when. Google lets you pick your ideal show time and then redirects you to a ticketing platform to confirm your booking.

Google has tied up with different movie booking applications like BookMyShow, INOX, etc. So, whenever you search for a movie it opens up to the respective website.

You can select the movie of your choice from these cards or also choose to filter the results to narrow your search down to the right cinema hall and the time. Depending on which show you pick, you will be redirected to a booking page within Paytm, BookMyShow or INOX to complete the payment procedure.

Is It Simpler Than The Other Apps?

YES! Google makes it simple just a touch away. You do not have to specifically login or register on a particular website. You can also find reviews to it on google which can make your choice easier and make you save a penny.

You have to download the applications like BookMyShow etc or go on to the website which makes the job a little-too-lazy. Hence, Google seems like the right and simpler option.

However, there’s a catch: The one major drawback is that when you log on to google for booking a movie it directs you to the website that Google will choose for you, you will not be able to choose it yourself.

With a fascinating range of movies on the way this year, Google has made the job quite easy for you. Google the upcoming super app makes it a search away.

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