This Is What You Should Expect From Realme 3 Pro: Slo-Mo Video, Turbo-Game Mode & More!

With less than a week left, Realme CEO Madhav Sheth has been repeatedly dropping off clues and hints about the upcoming Realme 3 Pro smartphone. After the processor and imaging sensor, its now turn for features.

From professional shooting modes to performance, a lot has been teased.

The upcoming smartphone is going to succeed the much-popular Realme 2 Pro, company’s last year’s budget flagship. While a lot is going to improve, the company will directly be challenging the current bestseller, Note 7 Pro.

Here’s a full list of the latest Realme 3 Pro features teased by Sheth.


Realme 3 Pro: Delivering The Best Of Performance

The company CEO Madhav Sheth tweeted a series of features in a number of tweets emphasizing on Realme 3 Pro’s camera and performance features. The company has been plying on the tag line ‘Speed Awakens’ since Realme 3 launch in early March.

We already know that the smartphone will run on Snapdragon 710 supporting Fortnite ouf the box, a first of any budget flagship smartphone in the range.

With SD 710 taking the charge and Color OS 6 will make things easy. The new improved UI based on the latest Android 9 Pie will help the smartphone a more refined performance offering seamless experience in terms of extending gaming and extensive multitasking.

Realme 3 Pro being touted as the Redmi Note 7 Pro challenger repeatedly, the smartphone is being teased as a speed reckoner.

Already Note 7 Pro has failed to run Fortnite, while Realme 3 Pro has been running it without any hiccups. We need to find out more whether Realme 3 Pro can actually offer a better day to day performance in terms of real usage and memory heavy apps.

Realme 3 Pro Gaming Mode: Hyper Boost

Realme 3 Pro teased a game turbo mode. The smartphone is being now teased as a budget gaming flagship device. The smartphone has already been spotted on Geekbench running on 6GB RAM and already-out Snapdragon 710 SoC.

Now with a dedicated gaming mode, the software on Realme 3 Pro will help the smartphone offer an amazing gaming experience.

Known as “Hyper Boost”, it will help Realme 3 Pro to utilise all its features at the maximum.

Hyper Boost is going to act as a performance boost for gamers. The dedicated gaming mode will ensure that gamers can experience a speedy and seamless gaming performance.

Realme 3 Pro: Professional Shooting Modes & Camera Performance

Realme 3 Pro will come with the same imaging sensor as OnePlus 6T, the Sony IMX 519 sensor. As teased, it’s rival Redmi Note 7 Pro sports the latest flagship Sony IMX 586 sensor, the same sensor the next OnePlus flagship will be using as its primary shooter.

We shouldn’t be directly comparing the sensors, as a lot depends on post processing and software enhancements.

Redmi Note 7 Pro has a definite edge here with the IMX 586 sensor over the year-old IMX 519 sensor from OnePlus 6T. But it Realme pulls it here with better image processing and software computing, it may have the ball in its court.

The company CEO already shared some Realme 3 Pro camera samples to tease the fans.

They are well detailed and have a lot of colours. The conditions were well lit, so we need to put both the smartphone to test to find out who has the edge here. The photos were taken at Delhi University Stadium, the same place where the Realme 3 Pro launch event will take place.

Realme 3 Pro Camera: Burst Mode, Night Mode & Super Slo-Mo Mode

The latest tweets revealed that the Realme 3 Pro camera will come with different camera and shooting features including a special burst mode. The much-hyped night mode aka Nightscape from Realme 3 will be available on the Pro model, which offers some stellars images in low light.

The new addition is going to be the “super slo-mo” video mode.

Realme first introduced “super slo-mo” video mode with Realme U1. The camera is going to come with a series of features to offer a seamless photography experience backed by AI based features and functions.

Realme 3 Pro will launch on April 22 and will be available via Flipkart and Realme Online Store exclusively!

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