Top Tech News Today: iPhone XR Discounted, Redmi 7, TikTok Ban, and More!

iPhone XR’s prices have fallen, Xiaomi plans to launch its latest devices in India. TikTok has finally been banned throughout India.

Oppo has patented side slider and pop-up phones and much more! Read on to know all the latest advancements in the world of technology!


iPhone XR Price Falls

iPhone XR was launched in India at the price of Rs. 76,900 ($1,117). Six months in and the phone is already available at a discounted rate. The new price of the phone is now Rs. 17,000 ($247). Additionally, people with HDFC Bank’s debit card or credit card will get an extra 10% cash back, making the total discount of about Rs. 24,500 ($356).

Xiaomi Redmi 7, Redmi Y3 and Redmi 7A to Arrive Soon in India

Redmi Note 7 Pro and Redmi 7 smartphones were launched in China in the last month. Redmi Note 7 Pro has already been launched in India and as per fresh news, Xiaomi is all set to launch the Redmi 7, Redmi Y3 and Redmi 7A smartphones in India as well.

TikTok Banned in India

After stirring up a countless number of controversies, the Madras High Court has announced a blanket ban of the app. The reasons cited for this is that the app is polluting youngsters and easy targets of cybercrimes. TikTok, the Chinese video making and sharing app, has been responsible for the loss of many a life. The bench of justices has also ordered the media from installing and using the TikTok app.

Oppo Patents Displays With Pop-ups and Side-Slider

Oppo has implemented advanced technology and is set to bring about a revolution in the smartphones world. Oppo has patented two new smartphone designs:  one in which smartphones will have a pop-up display and the other is where they will have a side-slider display. The patent says that the smartphone giant is only exploring the possibilities of such smartphones and this doesnt necessarily mean that they will make it to the market.

Google Stadia To Be Launched for 2021

The gaming platform of Google, Stadia is slated to be launched in India in 2021. The gaming platform is to be released in the US, UK, Europe, and Canada this year. This will make Google’s Stadia the first online gaming service to stream in India.

No Facebook, Instagram, Messenger For Windows Smartphones

Following in the steps of Google+, Inbox by Gmail, and Allo, Facebook is planning to stop its support of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger app for Windows phones. This will happen at the end of this month, on the 30th of April. The users will be able to access Facebook through the browser.

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