DTH/Cable Firms Cannot Force Any Channel; TRAI Issues Call Centre Number For Grievances

It seems DTH operators are forcing some pre-selected channels on cable users.

TRAI issues call centre number for complains
TRAI issues call centre number for complains

Since last few days, several DTH and Cable TV users had posted complaints that their service providers are enforcing some channels and packages in the base pack.

This is clearly against the rules of the new Cable TV regime.

TRAI has taken notice of the same, and have issued directions against it. A new call center number has also been launched, besides an email id for posting grievances.

Meanwhile, the issue of blackout is now impacting users in Mangalore and Chenai as well.

TRAI: Call This Number For Any Cable TV Complaints

TRAI has issued a call center number: 01206898689 and an e-mail address: [email protected] for reporting gross misconduct by some DTH and Cable TV operators.

Several users of DTH and Cable TV had complained to TRAI via social media channels that their respective service providers are enforcing pre-defined channels, and bouquets in their base pack.

Besides, they were being ‘urged’ to add other channels on their base pack, even if they don’t watch it.

It is clear that the broadcasters and the DTH/Cable operator had some arrangement, and they are pushing their own channels down the customers’ throat.

Taking notice of such cases, TRAI said, “The Authority has taken note of such issues and has directed the distribution platform operators to follow the regulation in letter and spirit the consumer choice and paying only for what the consumer wishes to watch, is the power, the new framework gives to subscribers.”

Only 25 DD Channels are included as mandatory channels in the base pack of 100 channels.

If you are a cable TV user, and experiencing such activities, then don’t hesitate to call at the call center number provided by TRAI. While announcing these numbers and email id, TRAI said, “In case any DTH / Cable Operator is insisting on predefined pack or bouquets without providing real choices, subscribers may report the same at Trai call centre 0120 – 6898689 or e-mail at [email protected].”

Cable TV Users Facing Blackouts, Inconvenience Due To Disruptions

After we reported how cable TV users in Bengaluru and surrounding areas are facing blackouts as their favorite pay channels are not accessible, we are getting more such cases from Mangalore and Chennai.

Users in the coastal town of Mangalore too faced blackouts, as cable operators are not broadcasting any pay channels. Several of these users had opted for long term plans, and they feel cheated now.

Some of them have not opted for the new packs, but TRAI had clearly mentioned that no user will face blackout under the new Cable TV regime.

Several users also complained of a high tariff.

But it seems that the local cable operators are helpless here. Vishwas Das, a multi-system operator from Mangalore said, “We have to undergo auditing at least thrice a month. Because of this, we are compelled to switch off most boxes and relay only those channels that are feasible. The new Trai rules have got our business running on thin ice,”

As per him, if they provide the same channels which were broadcasted earlier for Rs 300, the new charges would be Rs 600.

In Chennai, a user said that for accessing the same channels, she used to pay Rs 400 earlier, who new charges have shot up to Rs 900.

There still exists confusion and misinformation over the new Cable TV plans, and users are left in the lurch.

Are you facing any blackout or your expenses have increased? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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