Bengaluru Cable TV Users Face Blackout Due To Lok Sabha Elections; What Is The Truth?

What is the link between Lok Sabha elections and Cable blackout?

Cable Blackout due to Lok Sabha Elections?
Cable Blackout due to Lok Sabha Elections?

Several thousand cable TV users in Bengaluru was still facing blackout, as Local cable operators have failed to broadcast their favorite pay channels.

It seems that the confusion arose from the rumors that last date to submit their new Cable TV plans has been shifted to February 15th, from March 31st. And the reason is Lok Sabha elections?

Meanwhile, TRAI Chairman RS Sharma has once again emphasized the fact that the new cable TV regulations have helped the users to save money on their cable expenses.

Is this true?

Bengaluru: Thousands Face Blackout Of Cable Channels

There is a cold war brewing up between Multi Service Operators (MSOs) and Local Cable Operators (LCO) in Bengaluru, because of which, thousands of cable TV users are facing blackout.

Out of 1.1 crore cable TV users in Karnataka, only 30% have opted for the new Cable TV plans, and this is causing confusion and chaos as around.

Besides, some Local Cable Operators have started claiming that the last date to select their packs under the new Cable TV regime was February 15th. As per them, the last date was shifted from March 31st to February 15th, as election dates can be announced during that time.

There has been no such directive from TRAI.

A cable operator in Bengaluru said, “Though the last date is March 31, we have been told that the Lok Sabha election dates could be announced any time before March end. To ensure a resolution in time before announcement of elections, cable operators are being pushed to finish the migration process earlier.”

Blackout Due To Lok Sabha Elections?

This rumor has affected most of the MSOs in Bengaluru, as they have stopped transmitting pay channels to those users, who haven’t updated to new plans.

This, despite the fact that March 31st is the new deadline.

Karnataka State Cable TV Operators Association president, VS Patrik Raju said, “However, the migration is not easy as we are really finding it tough to upload the forms due to technical complications. The server crashes often and hangs. We have to wait and watch how things unfold,”

Besides, the issue of pricing is also confusing the consumers. The consumers are still not able to understand how and why they need to pay Rs 9 to Rs 19 for accessing their favorite channels.

The consumers in Bengaluru are suffering due to misinformation, and unawareness.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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