Realme Teases Fans With ‘Entertainment Ka Boss’ Smartphone; Is It Realme A1 Or Realme 3?

Relame fans are speculating hard: Which can be this phone?

Entertainment ka Boss phone teaser
Entertainment ka Boss phone teaser

Realme, the current heartthrob of Indian youth, have teased their fans with ‘Entertainment Ka Boss’ smartphone.

What is this?

Realme’s Entertainment Ka Boss Smartphone Teaser

Via their Twitter account, Realme has announced their new smartphone, which they called as “Entertainment Ka Boss’.

This translates to Boss of Entertainment.

With the hashtag #StayTuned, Realme teased that this new smartphone will be the ‘centerstage’ for playing games, listening to music, watching movies and more.

Here is the Tweet:

Flipkart Exclusive Smartphone?

It seems that this new unnamed smartphone from Flipkart shall be a Flipkart exclusive.

The reason is, that Flipkart has unveiled a landing page, for this same ‘Entertainment ka Boss’ smartphone.

In their landing page, Flipkart has focussed on the ‘entertainment’ aspect, as the design and look/feel of the landing page suggests a show is about to start, like in a theater.

There are four major questions asked by Flipkart: What is your idea of entertainment?

As in giving the choices, Flipkart shares that watching an action-packed drama with friends is entertainment, or downloading a web series for long road trip is entertainment or playing games with friends or solo is entertainment.

Or entertainment is watching thriller movies on weekend?

This clearly proves that this new smartphone from Realme will have a large storage so that movies and web series can be downloaded, and a faster processor, so that games can be played.

There is no ‘notify me’ section here.

The Big Question: Which Phone Is This?

Realme fans are asking this question everywhere, and there are no answers.

However, there can be three theories: It can be either Realme A1, Realme C2, or Realme 3.

These three are the most anticipated, and eagerly awaited smartphones from the camp of Realme.

Realme A1 specs had recently leaked, and it was hailed as Realme’s cheapest phone till date. Meanwhile Realme 3 is rumored to have a launch date before March.

What do you think about this teaser? Which phone is it?

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