New Cable TV Rules: TRAI Rubbishes Claims Of Expensive Plans, Says Cable TV Plans Will Become Cheaper!

TRAI's logic is that a household only watched upto 50 channels. Hence, the overall cost will come down.

TRAI says cable TV plans will come down
TRAI says cable TV plans will come down

Since the past few days, we have seen some sort of chaos and panic, related with the new Cable TV Rules which will enforce effective December 29th.

Leading newspapers have reported how cable TV expenses for an average household will increase by 60%, and why consumers will have to shell out more money to access their favorite channels.

The social media gossips and talks have finally reached TRAI, and they have come out strongly against these ‘speculations’.

As per TRAI, Cable TV will actually become cheaper after the new regulations are enforced. This is what TRAI said on this issue..

TRAI To Consumers: Cable TV Plans Will Come Down

TRAI Chairman RS Sharma has rubbished the claims made by some entities, that Cable TV plans will increase. As per him, the new regulations have been planned in a manner which benefits the end-user.

He said, “This is a great framework which has been validated by the highest court of the land, but there are certain stakeholders who are trying to create misconceptions that consumer bills are going to rise. It is bogus,”

Without naming anyone, he said that some entities are spreading ‘misinformation’ to create ‘hyperbolic fear’.

Refuting the claims that customers will now have to pay more, as instead of channel bucket, they will now need to choose individual channels, he said, “Certain stakeholders are trying a perception battle…and creating hyperbolic fear or fear of unknown saying it will increase prices and that consumers will have no choice. This is all baseless,”

TRAI’s Logic On Why Cable TV Expenses Will Come Down

TRAI has released a press release on this issue, wherein they have argued that post-December 29th, when the new regulations come into place, the overall cost of cable TV in an average Indian household will actually come down.

And the basis of this logic is a BARC study, which says that 90% of Indian households watch/flip only 50 channels.

Hence, in case a household which receives 250 channels right now pays for only 50 channels post-December 29th, then the actual expenses will only come down, and not increase.

The press release said, “If Consumer chooses the channel which he really watches, then he will be paying lesser amount compared to what he/she is paying as of Now.”

Free To Air Channels Will Be Free

TRAI has also argued that right now, some cable operators and MSOs such as DishTV, TataSky, Airtel, Hathway etc charge for free to air channels.

This will stop after December 29th.

A network fee of Rs 130 per household will ensure that 100 free-to-air channels are delivered. If anyone wants to watch more, then Rs 20 per 25 channels will have to be paid. This, as per TRAI, is less than 10% of overall cable TV subscribers.

TRAI said, “Stakeholder may note that out of 873 channels more than 500 TV channels are provided by broadcasters on free to air basis.”

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.


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