Google Shopping Website Launched In India With AI-Powered Suggestions, Hindi Support

Can Google's shopping website disrupt ecommerce in India?

Google Shopping Website launched in India
Google Shopping Website launched in India

The battle of ecommerce in India has taken a new turn, as World’s largest Internet company: Google has officially launched their shopping website in India.

Powered with Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, this new Shopping Website promises stunning deals and customized offer.

And, the best part? Hindi language is supported.

Will this new initiative by Google challenge Amazon?

Let’s see!


Google Shopping Website Is Now Live For India

Surojit Chatterjee, Vice President – Product Management, Google Shopping, announced the launch of Google Shopping website in India, as he said, “At Google, our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful to everyone. That’s why today we are bringing a new and exciting shopping search experience to India.”

Initially, the shopping website shall be available across 4 formats:

  • Web version of Google. Checkout this:
  • Google Lens via Style Search
  • Google App on mobile: A new tab of Shopping will be visible when you search for any product, say Nike shoes.
  • For entry level smartphones, Google Shopping will be available via Progressive Web App (PWA)

How It Will Work?

Google Shopping website is basically a platform to showcase one particular product’s reviews, price, offers across various online retailers.

Hence, say we search for OnePlus 6T on Google Shopping.

This is what we will see:

Google shopping website
Google shopping website

The products listed can be sorted via price, sellers, ratings and more.

When we searched OnePlus 6T, then the first 10 listings were from a site called ShopOnn, whose link failed to open in 5 minutes.

While searching Nike Shows, Amazon India listings opened up.

As per Google, their new shopping website has “made-to-browse destination for shoppers to search across multiple product categories and find products from thousands of retailers.”

Shopping Via Google Lens?

Style Search via Google Lens has been linked with Google Shopping, and this means that whenever you see an interesting product, all you need to do is point the Google Lens and complete your shopping.

Here is a GIF of how this will work:

Google Shopping via Google Lens
Google Shopping via Google Lens

AI Powered Shopping?

Based on the Google searches done, Google Shopping website will point out products to the users, and recommend them.

Surojit said, “We are using machine learning to fine-tune the experience. As you use the service more and more, it will show the categories most relevant to you,”

It has a section called ‘Top Picks For You’, which is most probably AI-powered, and based on the users’ previous searches. Other sections which open by default are: Recently viewed, Popular on Google, Top Deals (under categories such as gadgets, healthcare, clothes, etc)

In the month of October, Google has launched this new Shopping Tab, in collaboration with Flipkart, Snapdeal and Paytm, which allowed users to directly pay via Google itself.

But now, a dedicated website has been launched, which makes their intentions more serious and focussed.

Will Google Shopping be able to lure online shoppers in India? Do let us know, by commenting right here!

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