This 7 Year Old Kid Earned Rs 155 Crore From Youtube – Checkout The Highest Paid Youtubers in 2018

Youtube is becoming one of the most biggest platforms for social media celebrities.

7 year old kid earns Rs 155 crore from Youtube
7 year old kid earns Rs 155 crore from Youtube

There is a 7-year old kid who has gained 17 million followers and earns  $22 million through Youtube videos of Toy reviews.

Presently, there are a lot of review videos out there on Youtube. From reviews of cell phones and cars to books and movies, the wide diameter of Youtube has covered it all. Each Youtuber aims for their videos to reach their target audience and gain maximum viewership.

While some people upload their videos for fun, there are people out there who have turned this platform into a career. They put a lot of effort in showcasing their talents, manage their accounts wisely to attract viewers and we are aware of the amount of hard work and talent required to hit the legendary following of one million people.

Forbes List of Highest Paid Youtubers 2018:

Forbes has now released 10 Highest Paid Youtube Stars of 2018 and quite incredibly, the seven year old Ryan of ‘Ryan ToysReview’ has emerged at the very top of the list!

#1: At just 7 years of age, Ryan has become an internet celebrity! He has stolen many hearts with his adorable and confident candidness. And he reviews toys, which actually makes sense for a kid his age and is a pretty smart marketing technique too! From legos and hotwheels to kid sized batmobiles, Ryan has reviewed it all and has gained 17 million followers.

Ryan has earned a total of 22 million dollars (Rs 155 crores)

Watch his cute antiques here.

The others who followed Ryan are:

#2: Jake Paul, who is famous for his videos on the Vine app, stands second with an earning of $21.5 million.

#3: Dude Perfect, the five person crew famous for shooting trick shots came in third with an earning of $20 million.

#4: Dan TDM, a Guinness World Record holder is loved on YouTube and has an earning of $18.5 million.

#5: Jeffree Star: A makeup artist who sells an average of $100 million plus of cosmetics and has earned $18 million through YouTube.

#6: Markiplier: A YouTuber famous for his foulmouthed commentary and colourful hair earned a total of $17.5 million.

#7: Vanoss Gaming, who earned $17 million is popular and loved for his wit and is very much in demand.

#8: Jacksepticeye, the online name of Sean McLoughlin is the most popular YouTuber in Ireland with an earning of $16 million.

#9: PewDiePie, the Swedish video game commentator, who is also the most followed Youtuber (72.5 million followers) stands ninth with an earning of $15.15 million

#10: Logan Paul, the elder brother of Jake Paul, also known for his videos and followers on Vine stands 10th, earning $14.5 million

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