Trakin Tech Youtube Channel Is Now 1 Million Strong, And The Reason Is Your Love!

This is a huge moment for entire Armoks Digital family!

Trakin Tech Youtube now has 1 million subscribers!
Trakin Tech Youtube now has 1 million subscribers!

Today, is a special day for all of us at Armoks Digital, because today, our Youtube channel: Trakin Tech has become 1 million strong!

At exactly 5.37 AM today morning, 1 millionth subscriber joined our Youtube family and created a history.

Arun Prabhudesai, founder of Armoks Digital, and chief Youtuber at Trakin Tech thanked all our fans, patrons and subscribers, as he said, “A big congratulations to all! And, a big thank you to 1 million+ subscribers of Trakin Tech Youtube channel for believing in us, and for showering unconditional love. The journey becomes super exciting from now on!”

The speed at which this relatively new Youtube channel has breached the 1 million mark is quite unprecedented: Within 15 months of publishing its first vblog, Tech has convinced 10 lakh tech enthusiasts to subscribe our channel, and become part of our family.

Trakin Tech is India’s one of the most popular Youtube channel, which shares news, opinions, and views on everything related to gadgets, technology, and innovations.

Keep watching our videos, and stay tuned for some exciting giveaways which we will soon be launching on this occasion.

Let a new chapter begin!

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