India Cheated by Netflix? Indians Pay More Than Japanese, Canadians, But Getting Fewer Movies!

Netflix will need to change their plans in India - This has now become a moral question.

Netflix plans in India are most expensive
Netflix plans in India are most expensive

Two very interesting reports have come up, which tries to understand what Netflix users in India are paying and what Amazon Prime users are paying, compared to the global rates.

And two shocking results have come up: While Indian users of Netflix are paying the most in the top 10 cheapest country list; Amazon Prime customers in India are paying the cheapest.

And content wise, both Netflix and Amazon are treating Indians very badly.

Let’s decode these reports!

Netflix Is Cheating India?

Comparitech recently conducted a unique research to find the top 10 cheapest countries for Netflix subscription.

India ranks at #10 in the list, which means in the top 10 cheapest country list, India is paying the maximum. Rs 500 is the minimum plan to access Netflix in India, which comes to around $7.06 as per the current conversion rate.

Turkey is the cheapest country to watch Netflix in the whole world, as the tariff starts at just $3.2.

Turkey followed by Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Colombia, and Canada. This means that Indians are paying way more than what citizens from developed countries like Canada and Japan are paying.

Ok, fine. Charge us more. But what about content?

Indian are getting just 5000 titles, out of which 3500 are movies.

On the other hand, Japan has 6500 titles, the US has more than 13,000 and the UK has around 10,000 titles.

No doubt US and UK plans are expensive and they are ranked 26th and 27th in the list, which means that Americans and Britishers are paying almost 60% more than what Turkey is paying.

But with regards to India, this is indeed unfair.

In India, Netflix has already made a profit in its 2nd year of operation, and in some Asian countries, they are planning to launch mobile-only plans.

No doubt Netflix has roped in some famous Bollywood actors and franchises, but, cost-wise, some major reforms are needed.

Amazon Prime India Is Cheapest In The World!

Meanwhile, the same study also revealed a very interesting fact: Amazon Prime users in India are paying the cheapest for availing the same service, compared to other locations and countries.

Rs 129 is the average per month cost for accessing Amazon Prime in India, which around $1.76.

This is $11.23 less than what Americans and Britishers are paying.

However, compared to 17,000 movies and over 1,300 TV shows in the US, India has only 2000 movies and 400 shows.

US is the most expensive country to watch Amazon Prime, as users there are paying 137% more than what Indians are paying.

Hence, the logic of Amazon is simple: We are giving you less content, hence lesser price. But with Netflix, this is opposite: We are giving you less content, but charging more.

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