How to Connect Digital Marketing Efforts with Sales Effectiveness?

Leveraging digital marketing for making that actual sales is of paramount importance. But how to make it happen?

How to use digital marketing for sales?
How to use digital marketing for sales?

The realm of digital marketing is continuously evolving, equipping marketers for reaching out to their
target audience in a hyper-targeted and cost-effective manner. One of the major factors that has
made digital marketing the sweet spot for marketers is that it allows them to reach out to their target
audience, no matter their location, in a matter of clicks.

After all, the heart of any good marketing strategy is to go where your customers are. It’s all about being seen at the right place and the right time.

This right time, right place analogy in this digitized world today means having an effective online

With digital marketing, the central aim should be to position products and services in a way
that the customer desires rather than is forced fed – so that the product or service sells itself.
Implementing this syncretic approach can enable organizations to connect digital marketing efforts
with sales effectiveness by deploying targeted digital marketing campaigns to stoke the interest of
their target audience.

After all, if not resulting in output in the form of more revenue or ROI, then what
good would be those invested efforts for?

There’s something which can be done to ensure that mismatch remains at bay and the digital
marketing efforts reap the desired results. Let’s take a brief look into how this can be done but not
before once peeking into the stakes which are there in case if you have doubts on Digital for your

If you’re a naysayer, what all you may miss out!

As per a Google B2B consumer insight survey, on average, B2B researchers do 12 searches prior to
engaging on a specific brand’s site and almost 57% of the buying process is done prior to engaging
with Sales. When this data is compared with the size of your market, you realize that by not
implementing a digital marketing strategy and aligning it with sales, you are missing out on a fairly
large pool of customers.

Let’s take a look inside some of the most effective digital marketing channels you can deploy to reach
out to your target audience more effectively:


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Going back to the above-mentioned stat, a large majority of
customers look for online reviews or information before investing in a product or service. An effective
SEO strategy will allow your product-centric content rank high in the search result, every time a
customer uses a keyword related to your business. This will enable them to find out more about your
product and make a decision. According to a Hubspot survey, 57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO
generates more leads than any other marketing activity.

Social Media Marketing

According to ComScore, in 2017 B2B decision makers spent 760 hours a
week on Facebook. Social media is a ready-made platform for you to inform and engage with your
target audience in a cost-effective manner. An effective social media strategy goes a long way in
generating interest for your product/service among your target audience.

Content Marketing

According to HubSpot, companies that blog 15 or more times in a month get 5
times more traffic on their website than companies that don’t. An effective content marketing strategy
will not only enable you to generate leads but also allow customers to interact with your product at
every step of the buying journey. HubSpot reported that 53% of marketers consider blogging to be
their number one inbound marketing priority. (Source – State of Inbound Report – HubSpot – 2017)
Paid Marketing – Running paid ads on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook and
running PPC and banner ad campaigns on the web is an effective way to inform your target audience
about your product/service even if they are scattered far and wide. According to LinkedIn, PPC
campaigns remain a more effective way to generate leads than social media paid campaigns. Another
report by WordStream stated that 64.4% people click on a Google ad if they are looking to buy a
product online.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the best and cost-effective method of reaching out
to a vast set of audience. According to Campaign Monitor, in 2016, every $1 spent on an email
marketing campaign generated an average of $38 in returns.

So, when it comes to increasing sales effectiveness, digital marketing as emerged as a vital tool in
nudging your target audience in the right direction. Digital marketing campaigns enable businesses to
reach out to a large audience using a targeted, hyper-focused approach. When implemented right,
digital marketing campaigns result in creating meaningful relationships with your target audience,
along with enabling your business to generate leads in a more cost-effective manner.

Like any marketing strategy, digital marketing requires time and constant attention to achieve the
desired outcome. However, in this technology led world, digital marketing can be a real asset for your
business, generating substantial returns on your investments.

About the author:

Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO and Co-Founder, Denave, which was founded 19 years ago with the goal to bridge the gap between sales strategy and final implementation.

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