Bots Are Taking Over Businesses – And We Witnessed It Live At The ‘Bot Games’!

Bots are the new business warriors. And they are changing everything we know about managing businesses.

Bots are now managing businesses
Bots are now managing businesses

So, what do you imagine when you hear the term ‘bot’? A tiny software, a piece of code designed to do a tiny task? Maybe chat?

If your thoughts about bots were only this far, then it is time to rethink!

Automation Anywhere, the rising star in the robots based business automation niche recently hosted world’s largest RPA Developers’ event in Bengaluru, and we were surely mesmerized by the scope of bots in business.

An actual revolution has been unleashed by bots in businesses, and stunning advancements made by the warriors of RPA or Robotic Process Automation clearly showcases that.

Robotic Business Automation: The Possibilities

The new age robotic bots are full-fledged business warriors, which are powered with logic, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to carry out any business task you want.

Not only that, these business bots can be programmed to learn as well! This means that they will improvise and adapt, based on the situation and inputs.

Once implemented, within no time, these bots will be able to handle most of the business processes by themselves, thereby saving time and resources for the organization.

In other words, businesses are experiencing a massive transformation in the way robotics is influencing their core areas.

Still not convinced? Here is the evidence…

‘Bot Games’ Event In Bengaluru: An Overview

Automation Anywhere recently conducted world’s largest RPA Developers’ event called ‘Bot Games’, wherein we had a glimpse of what lies ahead for the businesses.

The event was attended by technical program managers, robotic and cognitive process automation developers, support specialists and solution architects.

In the Bot Wars section, bot developers competed against one another to create functional, scalable and resilient bots which can solve business problems without any human interaction.

The developers also got a chance to submit their super-hero bots at the Bot Store, from where any business can buy them, and directly implement the same in their respective businesses.

Just like apps downloaded via any App Store!

This is the innovation in robotics powered business automation we were talking about. Inducing cutting automation via robots is no longer an expensive gamble – It has turned into a feasible, easy and quick action which can change everything about your business.

Exclusive Interview With CEO of Automation Anywhere

During the event, we were able to have a quick word with Mihir Shukla, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Automation Anywhere.

We asked him about the verticles where these bots work best. We were not surprised when he said that these bots are actually used in more than 30 vertices, with banking, finance, retail etc being the most frequent users.

Here is the video of the interview:

What’s Next?

The event: Bots Game was a glimpse into the future of business, powered with intelligent, scalable bots which can do anything and everything for you.

As these bots gather more information, and more insights into businesses, these will become more capable of understanding what customers need, and thereby delivering results faster.

Robotic Process Automation is promising and disruptive. And this is just the start.

Do you have any questions related to the use of bots in businesses? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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