Reliance Jio Demolishes Airtel In June: Adds 97 Lakh New Subscribers!

Airtel managed to add just 10,689 new users in June. Jio added 97 lakh new users.

Jio adds 97 lakh new users in June, 2018
Jio adds 97 lakh new users in June, 2018

Reliance Jio is right now unstoppable, and the momentum is refusing to stop.

As per latest numbers coming in, Jio has successfully added 97 lakh new users, compared to Airtel’s only 10,689 new users.

However, there is an interesting bit of news about Idea as well.

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Jio Emerges As Champion Of June

Airtel, which is right now India’s #1 telecom operator managed to add just 10,689 new subscribers in the month of June.

The severity of the situation for Airtel becomes more appalling, when we compare this with Jio, which added 97 lakh new users in the same period.

The gap is so massive, that there can be no comparison.

Idea Closes Gap With Vodafone

Meanwhile Idea Cellular, which was the #4 telecom player often battling it out with BSNL in the end of the list, has surprised everyone.

In the month of June, Idea Cellular managed to add 63 lakh new users, whereas Vodafone added just 2 lakh new users.

This is significant, because in the month of May, Idea had lost around 25 lakh customers.

Now, Idea and Vodafone has very less difference in total number of subscribers, and user-base: While Idea has now captured 19.24% marketshare, Vodafone has now 19.43% market share.

With 30.05% market share, Airtel remains #1; and Jio has now captured 18.78% market share, which is phenomenal with 215 million+ users.

Jio is clearly gaining new users at a rapid pace, and challenging domination of Airtel from all sides.

Jio Beats Alibaba, Tops ‘Change The World’ List!

Meanwhile Jio has topped Fortune magazine’s ‘Change The World’ list, and this way, it has beaten Alibaba in the race.

Citing United Nation’s declaration that Internet is a basic human right of all, Fortune said,

“Reliance Jio deserves more credit than most for expanding access to it”.

Reliance jio’s ultra-cheap data packs and free calling plans have been termed as a major disruption, which improved Internet accessibility, and triggered a revolution in Internet space.

Jio has also turned profit, which boosted their score in the Fortune’s list. For the quarter ending June, 2018, Jio posted revenue of Rs 8110 crore and profit of Rs 612 crore.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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