Driving License, RC Stored In DigiLocker Is Valid; No Need To Carry Actual Papers!

Earlier, people were fined for not carrying physical documents.

Digital driving license is now valid
Digital driving license is now valid

As of now, when a traffic cop stops a vehicle owner, and asks for driving license, vehicle registration papers etc, then they demand them in physical form.

Even if the person used to show the documents in digital format, it was not held as valid, and challan used to be handed over, for not carrying the ‘papers’.

But not anymore.

In one of the strongest push for #DigitalIndia, Govt. has now declared that driving licenses, and other documents related with vehicles can be shown in the digital format as well.

Now, next time a cop insists on showing actual papers, then show them this news!

Digital Format of Documents Is Completely Valid!

The Road Transport and Highways Ministry has issued a notification, which states that digital format of driving license, Registration Certificate, and other documents are valid, and the person cannot be fined if they don’t have the original documents in papers.

This has been done as people complained that traffic cops are not considering digital format of the documents, and they are being fined.

A statement from the Ministry said, “This is in response to a number of grievances/RTI applications received in the Ministry where citizens have complained that the documents available in DigiLocker or the mParivahan app are not considered valid by the traffic police or the motor vehicles department,”

Digital Common Sense Prevailed?

Aadhaar linked DigiLocker was launched in 2015, and as per the logic, the documents stored in the DigiLocker should have been accepted as a valid form of identification since then.

However, last year it was reported that policemen and traffic constables are not considering digital documents stored in Digilocker as a valid form of identification, and penalties are being levied,in case the driver doesn’t have the original.

It was stated that Digilocker is only meant for storing documents, and not retrieving them for showing them as identification.

Such cases were reported from Chennai and in Mumbai.

Now, after the notification by the Govt., the matter is resolved.

Even Insurance Proof Can Be Digital!

Not only driving license and vehicle registration, but vehicle insurance will also be digital, and there shall be no need to carry them.

As per the Govt. notification, they have instructed the Insurance Information Board to upload the information about insurance validity and renewal on a daily basis on the mParivahan and eChallan app of the Ministry.

Hence, whenever a cop needs to verify insurance details, he will only need to enter the vehicle number in the mParivahan and eChallan app, and get the latest information.

This means that now on, the driver is not required to carry any physical identification – Everything goes digital on the road!

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  1. Varun Bhambhani says

    The app needs 5 minutes to open on a 50 mbps wifi connection, who knows what will happen on the main road when caught by cops. Great Initiative but the servers need to be upgraded for the mass audience to access it easily in need

  2. NetGuy says

    Awesome! Good to hear!!

  3. Arun says

    DL, RC and Insurance gone to digital mode. That is really nice move. How about Pollution Certificate?

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