Updating Date Of Birth, Address Of Your Aadhaar Card? This Is What You Need To Know!

UIDAI has now made the process of updating date of birth even more tough.

Sweeping changes made for Aadhaar users
Sweeping changes made for Aadhaar users

Updating date of birth on Aadhaar had been an easy process till now: Either send in a completed form to UIDAI’s office, or visit your local Aadhaar enrollment center.

But not anymore!

UIDAI has made some sweeping changes to the process of updating date of birth in an Aadhaar card, and if you want to make one such change, then find out the process right here!

UIDAI: Date Of Birth Change Will Be Tough

As per new rules introduced by UIDAI, for any change in date of birth, the card holder will have to visit the Regional Office, and then make the change.

The local Aadhaar enrollment center is now authorized to change date of birth only once.

Hence, a visit to regional office is now mandatory if your are changing date of birth more than once.

This has been done because UIDAI felt that the change in date of birth is an exception, and it should not happen more than once at all.

The new rule has been introduced as a new notification in the Aadhaar (Enrolment and Update) Regulations, 2016.

It reads: “Provided that the date of birth of resident can be updated only once. In case the date of birth is to be updated more than once, it can only be done through an exception handling process which may require the resident to visit the Regional Office (RO) of the UIDAI.”

The officials at the Regional Office will use ‘exception handling process’ to make the changes in the date of birth field.

New Procedure For Address Change, Aadhaar Updates

Besides this major change in the process of updating date of birth, UIDAI has also announced two new updates:

  • From now on, any change in the Aadhaar database won’t be entertained via post. Earlier, users could have filled in the update form, and sent that to the UIDAI via post for updating the records. From now, the updates can be made only via UIDAI portal or the nearest enrollment center.
  • For updating address, UIDAI has now announced a pin-based verification process. Once the request to update new address has been sent in, UIDAI will send a pin to the new address, via post. Once the user gets that pin, he or she needs to enter the same in the UIDI portal to update the address. This new process will go live effective January 1st, 2019.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more updates.

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