Apple Revolts Against TRAI Over DnD App; Govt. Not Happy With Whatsapp’s ‘India Team’!

Apple has said that they cannot compromise with users' data.

Apple has revolted against TRAI
Apple has revolted against TRAI

As per confidential RTI replies, it is clear that Apple has revolted against TRAI’s Do Not Call app, and they have no intentions of giving up control over their ecosystem.

Meanwhile Indian Govt. has responded to Whatsapp’s plan to curb fake news, via their special ‘India Team’. As per the initial vibes received, Govt. is not happy.

Interestingly, we have already reported that Govt. is seeking ways to block Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram in case of national security threat.

The ball is now in Whatsapp’s court!

Apple Revolts Against TRAI: Official Reply!

Medianama has gained access to Apple’s ‘confidential’ reply to The Draft Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2018, created by TRAI.

As per the reply from Apple, it is clear that they have no intentions to get intimidated by TRAI’s threats, and they will never allow access to call-logs of their users, under any circumstances.

Apple has vehemently opposed TRAI’s SMS Spam regulation, under which all smartphone manufacturers are mandated to allow access to call-logs, SMS and other details of users, in order to feed TRAI’s DND 2.0 spam-reporting app.

Signed by Apple’s Indian head of public policy Kulin Sanghvi, the reply from Apple stated, “iOS and Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines do not enable a mobile app to transmit a customer’s personally-identifiable information and usage history to a third party automatically, without the user directing that action.”

Apple’s reply signifies so many things: Foremostly, that it cares and respects their users’ privacy, and won’t allow anyone, even TRAI to tamper this with.

The letter further stated, “Enabling that functionality would open the door to Apple users being tracked by third parties in ways that the users have not invited and might not even realize, and that might expose them to harm.”

Apple Is Not Intimidated?

The reply from Apple once again emphasizes the fact that they are not intimidated with TRAI and Govt. of India’s warnings over this issue.

Last month, we had reported how Apple’s iPhones can face a possible ban in India, if they refuse TRAI’s diktats on allowing access to their user-data, which will feed their DnD app.

Apple is actually facing a ban under The Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulation, 2018.

Despite these threats, Apple has taken a stand against sharing their users’ data, and this is something which generates respect for the company.

Apple vs TRAI issue has been going on for a while, with threats of legal action, ban and more.


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Govt. Not Happy With Whatsapp’s India Team?

Meanwhile the fight against fake news gains momentum, as Whatsapp has decided to create a local ‘India Team’, whose main purpose would be to fight fake news and hatred messages circulating on their platform.

Whatsapp said, “To support our users in India and continue our investment in the country, it’s our top priority to hire a local leader who can help us build a team on the ground.”

However, as per incoming vibes, Govt officials aren’t happy with this effort.

They need a feature to trace Whatsapp messages and to pinpoint to that exact user who started it, in the first place.

It seems that unless this happens, Govt will keep pushing Whatsapp, and seek greater cooperation in containing the menace of fake news.

We will keep you updated.

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