Airtel To Offer Free Calls & Data At Rs 75 For 28 Days, Top Plans Under Rs 50

Airtel's new Rs 75 plan changes the equation of the game.

Best Plans Under Rs 50
Best Plans Under Rs 50

After Jio started a widespread price war in the telecom industry, other companies are being forced to offer value-for-money plans at every price point to retain customers. Telecom companies are left with no option and had to come with similar plans and offers.

The game-changer was the Jio 49 plan, which was launched at Rs 49 offering unlimited calls, data and free SMS for a period of 28 days. The 49 Jio Phone plan strategy was later adopted by several companies and multiple plans were launched around the same price point.


Airtel 75 Plan

The new Airtel Rs 75 plan is an toned-down version of its 99 plan. The 75 Airtel plan offers free calls, data, SMS and other added benefits at just Rs 75. The voice calling benefits on the Airtel 75 plan are limited and with a limit of 300 minutes or 18,000 seconds.

The plan offers 1GB 4G data at high speed, and post completion, you will vet unlimited data at a reduced speed of 128kbps.

Plan Airtel 75 Plan
Price Rs 75
Data 1GB
Calls 300 minutes (all India)
SMS 100
Validity 28 days

Top Data Plans Under Rs 50

Telecom companies have a diversified range of plans available nowadays with recharge packs offering top benefits even at under Rs 50.

Here’s our list of top plans under Rs 50 offering calling and data benefits.

Jio 49 Plan

Starting with the plan which revolutionized the under Rs 50 category. The Jio 49 plan was launched specially for Jio Phone users last year which offers free calls 1GB 4G data, and free SMS for a validity period of 28 days.

Jio 19 Plan

Reliance Jio has another plan available under Rs 50, which is priced at Rs 19. The Jio 19 recharge plan 150MB 4G data for a day. Post completion of free data limit, you can enjoy unlimited data at a reduced speed of 64Kbps. You also get unlimited voice calls 20 free SMS.

Vodafone 11 Plan

The first Vodafone plan under Rs. 50 offers 60MB of 4G high-speed data for a 1 day validity. Post the 60MB limit, Vodafone will charge 4p/10kb. It’s good of users who are always on WiFi all the time, and need some mobile data for a day.

Vodafone 21 Plan

If you need to download some important files and need unlimited for a quick period of time, the Vodafone 21 recharge plan provides unlimited 4G/3G data for an hour.

Vodafone 47 Plan

There’s another Vodafone plan under Rs 50 priced at Rs 47 offering 500MB of 3G/4GB data, 125 minutes of free local, STD and national roaming voice calls and free 50 SMSes per day for 28 days.

Airtel 49 Plan

Bharti Airtel has a special Rs 49 pack which offers free 3GB 4G data for 1 day. Post that, you can surf unlimited data at 128kbps. If you use WiFi all the time, and out for a day, the 49 plan is the best suit for you. Also, you get free access to Airtel apps.

Airtel 9 Plan

The cheapest Airtel plan is available at Rs 9 plan which offers unlimited local, STD and roaming calls for a day. It also offers 100MB of data and free 100 SMSes for a 1 day validity.

Airtel 8 Plan

There next Airtel plan is priced at Rs 8 offering local and STD voice calls at 35p/min. Good for you if you only use WiFi, and calls are not a priority. The plan comes with a validity period of 56 days.

Airtel 23 Plan

The Airtel plan priced at Rs 23 plan offers 200MB of data for a period of 3 days only. The 23 Airtel plan also includes unlimited local, STD and roaming calls with free 100 SMS per day

Airtel 29 Plan

Airtel has a plan priced at Rs 29 offering 150MB of 3G/4G data for a period of 28 days. There are two other plans – Rs 24 Airtel plan offers 135MB data for a period of 3 days and 200MB data for a period of 5 days at Rs 28.


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