75% Of Indians Are Not Using Internet, 78% Don’t Have Smartphone – Is Digital India A Failure?

The report shows growing divide between developing and developed countries

Is Digital India a failure?
Is Digital India a failure?

PM Modi led BJP Govt’s claim of a Digital India has been strongly challenged by Pew Research Center, a leading American fact tank based in Washington.

As per the research conducted by them, whooping 75% of Indians are not using the Internet, and 78% doesn’t even have a smartphone.

However, the positive thing which came out from the report is that, we as a nation are making some strong progress, and things are gradually improving.

But is it fast enough?

Dismal State of Digital India

Pew Research Center’s research on Internet and Digital penetration in India and globally has given out startling results.

It seems that Digital India needs more push and more focus to succeed.

Only one in four or 25% of Indians are right now using Internet in any form. This number was way too less in 2013, when only 16% of Indians said that they used  Internet.

Hence, we improved our Internet usage by 56% in the last 4 years.

If we talk about smartphone usage and adoptibility, then the numbers are no better.

From 12% in 2013, the number of smartphone users in India has gone upto only 22% in 2017. This means 78% of Indians are still not using any form of smartphones.

The maximum growth in India was witnessed in usage of social media – from 8% in 2012, social media users have increased to 20% in 2017.

The research highlights the growing gap between developed nations and emerging economies,in terms of Internet usage and digital penetration.

South Korea Leads In Internet Usage

As per the results the survey, South Korea is the most connected country, out of 37 countries surveyed for the research.

As per the findings of the report, 96% of citizens in South Korea reported that they access Internet.

In developed countries like Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, the US, Israel, the UK, Germany, France and Spain, 90% of the citizens use Internet.

However, one interesting finding which have come out from the report is the trend of social media usage, in developing and developed countries.

Higher internet penetration doesn’t imply higher social media usage. In fact, the proportion of social media users in much higher in developing countries (as high as 56% in some instances), compared to developed countries, where almost 90% of users are on the Internet.

Does this mean that social media is a passing fad?

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