FIFA 2018 Is Using These 6 Latest Innovations In Sports Technology For The First Time Ever!

In terms of technology, all the 12 stadiums in Russia will telecast the matches worldwide with the help of 37 cameras.


FIFA 2018 Will Use Latest Technology

Football has come a long way and technology has changed all form of sports all around the globe. The FIFA 2018 Russia World Cup will be very different in terms of use of technological innovations and latest gadgets. The FIFA 2018 World Cup will offer one of the most advanced levels of viewer experiences ever recorded in the history of sports.

From making sure that all matches are non-controversial as possible to bring the beautiful game of football to the entire planet, technology will play a big role in FIFA 2018 World Cup. The FIFA World Cup 2018 will be using some of the top-level technologies and innovations for the first time ever in history.

FIFA 2018 - VAR


1. Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

FIFA World Cup 2018 will have an exclusive Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system to assist referees on the field. The referee on the field can seek help from the VAR to make decisions on goals, red cards and penalties. The VAR will have a lead VAR and three assistant VARs who will constantly monitor the game

2. Ultra HD, 4K Content & Virtual Reality (VR)

This is the first FIFA World Cup that will telecast the matches in 4K resolution. Several broadcasters will telecast in 4K and Ultra High Definition to offer a better TV viewing experience. Apart from 4K, several broadcasters will be telecasting the FIFA 2018 World Cup in a VR feed.

3. Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS)

This year the World Cup 2018 will have an EPTS system to help players perform to work better as a team. It has an optical tracking system which uses the GPS satellite system. The Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS) can work with cameras and wearables. It will provide all player data like passing, tackles, total run and more.

4. Biometrics

Visa has put up options for cashless payments at all venues of Russia. Visa has installed POS terminals at all the shopping outlets and the systems will support payments via smartphones and smart watches. All outsiders and foreigners can pay through biometric scans at all the FIFA 2018 World Cup venues.

5. NFC On Ball

The Adidas Telstar 18, which is the official ball that will be used to play the whole FIFA 2018 tournament will come with a technical innovation. The official FIFA 2018 match ball, Adidas Telstar 18 will come equipped with an NFC chip that can be used to communicate with mobile devices. It can be used in the form of exclusive content and to play certain games.

6. Fan ID Card

In FIFA World Cup 2018, for spectators to enter a stadium will need a special Fan ID card. It has been specially developed for the 2018 World Cup Tournament. Not only foreigners, even residents of Russia will need a Fan ID card in order to enter a stadium.

FIFA 2018 - Camera Angles

In terms of technology, all the 12 stadiums in Russia will telecast the matches worldwide with the help of 37 cameras including UHD/HDR output with 1080p/SDR simultaneous feed.

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